Doing business in China

etoy invited advisors and agents to discuss the current China strategy. By invitation of the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) MISSION ETERNITY is scheduled to present the SARCOPHAGUS during June in Beijing. Some agents harbor reservations about many political and social policies of the current Chinese government: a discussion about the T-words was overdue!

Smart insiders including political scientist and philosopher Dr. Ralph Weber from the University of St.Gallen briefed etoy about the current political system, its diversity and specific risk factors. A researcher of Chinese origin from ETH Zurich and a Swiss PHD student who worked for a year in Beijing offered anecdotes and insights into the Chinese education system and popular views including the widely-held conviction that of all things Western, political advice may be worth less than nothing.

Markus Nuessli (long time etoy friend, gallerist, night club owner and Asia expert who spent several years of his life in China / Japan and holds a master in japanology) completed the round of China-insiders.

Aside political risks and taboos, we discussed how to present MISSION ETERNITY project details to an expected visitor count of over 25,000 a day. What are the key questions to ask from the audience? What are the thoughts, in a culturally very different reference system, that sync an audience with the mindset of etoy.AGENTS? Where can we be understood and where do we risk to confuse (like we never confuse our audience)?

Dr. Maja Petrović-Šteger (a Research Fellow at Peterhouse college, and member of the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge) contributed knowledge and advise as mortal remains expert. Ideas to integrate and reflect local burial ceremonies are on the way!

Inhouse council and lawyer etoy.KUBLI contributed his delicious and politically correct BAERLAUCH-PESTO to avoid further tomato import from spain.

We invite everybody to express their personal impression/position and feedback in the comment section of this post.
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etoy.ZAI @ 22.04.2008 13:06 CET
the 10h gathering - that later transformed into an open etoy.SOCIAL-CLUB event - was an important step to prepare etoy for the delicate China mission. Thanks to all attending experts and crew members!

Such high end discussions and exchange between very different brains, bodies and souls are the base of etoy.VALUE.

Unfortunately no swiss artist who is part of the China delegation and no Pro Helvetia or Plug-In representative showed up. Of course we are all terribly busy people with international careers that have to be pushed forward...

I did not expect everybody... but at least some of them. I'm very much surprised that there seams to be not that much interest (or concrete effort) to discuss this issue.

However... during the next weeks etoy.AGENTS process data and work out smart and creative details to make sure the etoy.CONTRIBUTION is a constructive/positive and responsible art export.

etoy - twisting values since 1994

i look forward to learn, exchange and inject some etoy.MEMES
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