Dr. Albert Hofmann dies at 102

Dr. Albert Hofmann, chemist, visionary, pioneer, mystic, inventor of LSD, discoverer of synthesized psylocibin and voice of wisdom in those unwise times died yesterday at the age of 102.

The etoy.CORPORATION salutes Dr. Hofmann and wishes him all the best for his final journey.

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etoy got slash dotted

... and - as the cliché requires - the etoy servers collapsed under the massive traffic the article and discussion on (news for nerds) generated.
result: a lot of confused hackers ;-) some even think that this is a media hack / prank by etoy.

etoy.HAEFLIGER wrote:
hi, here's how it got there: Matthias Stürmer who works in our team at ETH booked an office tank (etoy.CONTAINER) for their hackontest end of September and announced it on /.
... He misplaced the link to the SARCOPHAGUS instead of a regular etoy tank. Google is one of their sponsors.
So this confusion created the PR frenzy without giving us the opportunity to really benefit, except for the traffic...
thats great! this viral data salad shows perfectly how memetic mutation can lead to crazy stories that are not at all intentional. nobody created this to trigger a hype. a link to the wrong web address ... the rest is distributed story telling, conspiracy theory and imagination. its all in there: dead bodies, drugs, hackers and even google!

fact is: etoy just wants to be nice and contributes a regular etoy.TANK to the event ;-)

i admit that the etoy.CONTEXT and our history probably fueled the whole madness: etoy - leaving reality behind since 1994.

actually we don't create art and code to confuse people. our stuff is just a bit closer to the edge of reality than most corporation's output. things sometimes get a bit out of  our control.

thank you for helping us grow!
agent zai, ceo etoy.CORPORATION

On Apr 22, 2008, at 12:22 PM, etoy.POL wrote:

I find it rather disturbing to get to know about such huge public involvement of etoy in the hacker community through /.

especially since it could involve finding dedicated contributors for the angel-app.

Wo genau ist die Verbindung zwischen einem Google-Projekt und etoy?


silvan.zurbruegg wrote:
Die ganze story hier beschert uns seit gestern massiv traffic: / war gestern zeitweise nicht
erreichbar. Es beginnt zu bessern heute ...
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Doing business in China

etoy invited advisors and agents to discuss the current China strategy. By invitation of the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) MISSION ETERNITY is scheduled to present the SARCOPHAGUS during June in Beijing. Some agents harbor reservations about many political and social policies of the current Chinese government: a discussion about the T-words was overdue!

Smart insiders including political scientist and philosopher Dr. Ralph Weber from the University of St.Gallen briefed etoy about the current political system, its diversity and specific risk factors. A researcher of Chinese origin from ETH Zurich and a Swiss PHD student who worked for a year in Beijing offered anecdotes and insights into the Chinese education system and popular views including the widely-held conviction that of all things Western, political advice may be worth less than nothing.

Markus Nuessli (long time etoy friend, gallerist, night club owner and Asia expert who spent several years of his life in China / Japan and holds a master in japanology) completed the round of China-insiders.

Aside political risks and taboos, we discussed how to present MISSION ETERNITY project details to an expected visitor count of over 25,000 a day. What are the key questions to ask from the audience? What are the thoughts, in a culturally very different reference system, that sync an audience with the mindset of etoy.AGENTS? Where can we be understood and where do we risk to confuse (like we never confuse our audience)?

Dr. Maja Petrović-Šteger (a Research Fellow at Peterhouse college, and member of the Department of Social Anthropology at the University of Cambridge) contributed knowledge and advise as mortal remains expert. Ideas to integrate and reflect local burial ceremonies are on the way!

Inhouse council and lawyer etoy.KUBLI contributed his delicious and politically correct BAERLAUCH-PESTO to avoid further tomato import from spain.

We invite everybody to express their personal impression/position and feedback in the comment section of this post.
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SYNTHETIC TIMES 2008: Media Art Now

TODAY! MoMA Modern Mondays
Monday, April 14 / Venue: MoMA New York ork, Titus 2 Theater (11 West 53 Street, New York, NY 10019)

No reserved seating, so get there early!

Greetings by Barbara London. Introduction by Zhang Ga, 15 minutes
Speakers: Fan Di’an, 20 minutes (translated on site) Alex Adriaansens, 15 minutes
Discussion 20 minutes Caroline A. Jones, Arthur Kroker, Erkki Huhtamo and Jordan CrandallModerated by Mike Stubbs
Q and A 10 minutes

Tuesday, April 15, all day in Tishman Auditorium, Parsons The New School for Design, 66 W 12th St.
Starting at 9:30am, running through 5pm. Open to all, no charge.

Featured speakers/artists include: Caroline Jones, Miao Xiaochun, Sissel Tolaas, etoy.ZAI, Erkki Huhtamo, Kurt Hentschlager, Chico Macmurtrie, Mariana Rondon, Jordan Crandall, Luc Courchesne, Marek Walczak, Friedrich Kirschner, Arthur Kroker, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Kim Machan, Bengt Sjölén, Li Zhenhua

This is a rare opportunity to hear from a top group of leading thinkers/makers in the realm of new media art. There will be four panel
discussions, with presentations from a slew of top artists.

Later, in the evening, there will be a gathering at Eyebeam at 8pm.
For more info, see


Paris - Art&Flux

The Paris conference at Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts offered etoy the opportunity to interact with researchers of Art&Flux and create the foundation for a future collaboration that makes sense from several perspectives: after the talk we gathered at the secret underground shelter of Ouest-Lumière in the 11ème arr. where we signed a risk sharing agreement and carved out an alliance between Ouest-Lumière and etoy. etoy became a shareholder of Ouest-Lumière and their president Yann Toma became etoy.SHAREHOLDER. The risk sharing agreement included negotiations about an acquisition for the etoy.ART-COLLECTION.

Art historian Rose Marie Barrientos, artist and entrepreneur Yann Toma and ENSBA cultural program director Jany Louga were fantastic hosts. Yann and Rose Marie are members of the Art&Flux research group at CERAP (Université Sorbonne) where they analyze a current movement of over 100 art companies (entreprises critiques) that seem to work on closing a historical gap between art and commerce that still dominates the mainstream thinking about art as independent and somehow intellectually detached from the lowly grounds of economic logic. etoy has been actively contributing to closing this gap since 1993 and continues to do so: too many artists feel compelled to bite that hand that feeds them, they become cynics over the years and cynicism is rarely the source of creative energy capable of breaking new ground. Besides, it's no fun anyway.

The 2 hour etoy talk entitled "Innnovation durable - une stratégie ultra long terme" focused on the elements of MISSION ETERNITY and the feedback from the audience of art students and researchers helped me view our work from the outside. The discussion showed a keen interest in the financing models etoy uses to sustain large investments for several years and in ethical issues inherent in MISSION ETERNITY (privacy, security, manipulation).

Art companies seem to share a number of features critical for art production including risk sharing, a planning horizon that extend beyond individual constraints, flexibility (e.g. yesterday's two parallel conferences in Basel and Paris with etoy participation), challenges of team integration and evolution, knowledge management, and community building. We continue to look out for synergies and future interactions.

Yann Toma, Rose Marie Barrientos, etoy.HAEFLIGER at the underground shelter of Ouest-Lumière in downtown Paris
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Invitation to upcoming conferences

etoy.CORPORATION - Innovation durable: une stratégie ultra long-terme
(par etoy.HAEFLIGER)
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts ENSBA
Salle des conférences, Palais des études, à 15 heures, 04 avr. 2008
14 rue Bonaparte, 75006 Paris



INVITATION BIRD Symposium BASEL («Creating New Realities Today» research
in design): April 4 and 5 2008 at the Campus of the Academy of Art and
Design FHNW in Basel in collaboration with the publishing house
Birkhäuser. Speakers include: Ruedi Baur, Nigel Cross, Frédéric
Dedelley, Michael Erlhoff, Christian Gänshirt, Simon Grand, Wolfgang
Jonas, Klaus Krippendorff, Rolf Pfeifer, Jan Torpus and etoy.ZAI



INVITATION "Synthetic Times: Media Art Now" NEW YORK: April 14, 7pm,
Titus 2 Theater, the Museum of Modern Art, New York and April 15 at
Tishman Auditorium, New School University New York plus evening event at

A conference in preparation for "Synthetic Times: Media Art China 2008"
held at the National Art Museum of China in June 2008.
Speakers include: Barbara London, Zhang Ga, Rafael Lozano-Hemmer, Arthur
Kroker, Jordan Crandall, Erkki Huhtamo, Mariana Rodon, Miao Xiaochuan,
Sissel Tolaas, Luc Courchesne, etoy.ZAI and many others.



INVITATION discussion "Doing business with the Chinese government?"
Saturday April 19 (2PM-6PM) at etoy.IMPLANT / Zurich. Background: As
announced etoy is invited to participate in a show at the National Art
Museum of China in Beijing in June 2008 (exhibition website: Several agents consider to make use of
the etoy.VETO to block the participation. The management invited guests
who will explain the "Tibet/China problem" and hopes to find creative
approaches to support the open minds in China.


INVITATION to the GM of etoy.CORPORATION SA: Saturday, May 24 (2PM-4PM).
All registered shareholders are called to attend the annual meeting or
to appoint a representative (other etoy.SHAREHOLDER). Venue: the new
etoy.IMPLANT in Zurich/Switzerland. The official invitation to
shareholders follows.


kisses from your etoy.AGENTS

Raeffelstrasse 32
CH 8045 Zurich

ART&FLUX conférence à Paris

1-7/7 twisting values since 1994