etoy at ARCO 08

etoy.AGENTS ZAI, POL, MONOROM, HAEFLIGER and MARCOS opened the MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS for visitors at ARCO 08 in Madrid. By invitation of Fundacion Telefonica, etoy also filled a booth with share certificates and documentation material for both the corporation and MISSION ETERNITY. Public reactions include amazement at our approach to risk sharing with the shareholder model: art market participants still connect authorship and ownership exclusively with such concepts as "hand signature", and the possession of physical objects: when will contemporary art enter the knowledge society?

ARCO 08 moved into new exhibition buildings this week: the buildings are so new that toilets and escalators are still under construction, and power supply arrived one day late forcing the etoy.AGENTS to work until 3 a.m. the night before the opening! Telefonica foundation staff lent helping hands and even learnt to introduce visitors to the etoy.UNIVERSE. Special thanks go to Alejandro, Maria, and Ricardo - and also Paco and Santiago!

On Feb 14, 2008, Timothy Leary's updated TERMINUS was molded inside the SARCOPHAGUS in Madrid. Join us tomorrow, Saturday February 16, 2008 (19:00) for


etoy’s MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS (a white cargo container at the entrance to ARCO) is where the art group etoy calls and reactivates a dead pioneer of the information age: Timothy Leary. He is the first MISSION ETERNITY TEST PILOT to enter the multiuser sarcophagus. In Madrid, 8g of Leary’s mortal remains will be implemented into his updated TERMINUS. This plug-shaped capsule stores the ashes of the M∞ PILOT after cremation and links it to digital remains such as personal data, voice samples, images, a post-mortem activity plan and more.

The ceremony is public and accompanied by 4 etoy.AGENTS and a live act by TIM & PUMA MIMI from Zurich.

Madrid local information:
MISSION ETERNITY, winner of the award VIDA 10.0, can be visited at Fundación Telefónica’s
booth (GC.B2) and at Fundación Telefónica EXT.1 (Entrance of ARCO Pavilion 14)


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