Saturday, February 16, 2008 (19:00) ARCO / Madrid

etoy’s MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS (a white cargo container at the entrance to ARCO pavilion 14) is where the art group etoy calls and reactivates a dead pioneer of the information age: Timothy Leary. He is the first MISSION ETERNITY TEST PILOT to enter the multiuser sarcophagus, and again the pioneer: other pilots will follow him. In Madrid, 8g of Leary’s mortal remains will be integrated into his updated TERMINUS. This plug-shaped capsule stores the ashes of the MISSION ETERNITY PILOT after cremation and links it to digital remains such as personal data, voice samples, images, a post-mortem activity plan and more.

The ceremony is public and accompanied by 4 etoy.AGENTS and a live act by TIM & PUMA MIMI from Zurich.

Background to the etoy.ART-INVASION 2.0

Updates from Madrid

Madrid local information:
MISSION ETERNITY, winner of the award VIDA 10.0, can be visited at Fundación Telefónica’s
booth (GC.B2) and at Fundación Telefónica EXT.1 (Entrance of ARCO Pavilion 14)

By invitation of Fundacion Telefonica


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