stanislav lem

the best new years gift of 2008 i got from miss monorom:
"der futurologische kongress" by stanislav lem.


the short story is so brilliant and soooo mind blowing that i don't understand at all why nobody INVITED or FORCED me to read this book before (monorom is not the typical book worm...hehehe). what the hell did we do in school??? for more than 13 years i was "told" to consume a lot of questionable material. i went there more than 3000 days of my life to read and learn... but they never mentioned mr. lem. why?

if i consider all the irrelevant details (if not cultural crap) that we had to take care of while the most brilliant mind food was produced and distributed at the same time! i should sue the swiss government for not introducing me to this author. this is the biggest scandal of my entire education.

did they seriously wonder that i was "unmotivated"? or was it all part of a bigger plan?

this feels like TRUBELIN!

the good thing is that now it's all new and fresh for me!

wow stanislav: even a TERMINUS you created... -> a robot that reactivates the dead.
amaaaazing. amaaaazing. amaaaazing. too bad this guy died in 2006. otherwise i would leave rightnow for krakow and encapsulate him tonight.

monorom: you are my best teacher! i'm so glad i met you back in 1982 when i was nine years old ... and that you still teach me the stuff that matters.
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vincent @ 07.01.2008 16:58 CET
are you ready for bembing the internet, then? ;-)
etoy.ZAI @ 07.01.2008 17:08 CET
first we bemb the net...then we freeze all the bank accounts... and drink a lot of trubelin. hehehe
etoy.POL @ 07.01.2008 17:25 CET
Ah, yes!! best book for me too since quite a while.
Unfortunately, before I finished reading it, in a rush of enthusiasm, I gave it away, so I guess I'll have to get a new copy.
BEMB the internet!!!!
vincent @ 07.01.2008 17:32 CET
no trubelin for pol then ;-)
etoy.POL @ 07.01.2008 17:36 CET
so oder so: 22!
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