i dont want this orange piano anymore

give me a Tenori-on

in 2008 each etoy.AGENT should learn a musical instrument.
we have to increase the relax factor.

who buys this toy for me?
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vincent @ 17.12.2007 10:28 CET
ohh. now _there's_ an application for SARCOPHAGUS/wii remote ;-)
Supposibly @ 17.12.2007 23:27 CET
What about monome?
vincent @ 17.12.2007 23:40 CET
oooh. oooh. also nice ;-)
vincent @ 17.12.2007 23:47 CET
there's a video by someone playing it here: . the guy's name is tehn, with more stuff here: . i'd give something to see him play the sarcophagus ;-)
Supposibly @ 18.12.2007 01:39 CET
Yeah. I saw the monome a while back and fell in love with it. Now I just need to convince myself to spend the money. - Don
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