Roll your own Minority Report with the Wii Remote

Two videos on YouTube demonstrating seriously cool hacks with the Wii Remote.

Track your fingers:

Virtual Whiteboard:

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zai @ 12.12.2007 18:03 CET
vincent! you must hook it up to the angel app. ;-)
vincent @ 12.12.2007 19:19 CET
well, actually, i was thinking this might be a good candidate for getting some interactivity into our tank ;-) ... of course we need to hook up the _tank_ with the angel-app... when is it going to get WLAN? ;-)
vincent @ 12.12.2007 19:29 CET
just went over his web-site. all the required software is currently windows-only. though it is C# and might be portable. so that's the bad news.

the good news is that only the wii controller itself is needed, which costs ~ 60 CHF. so at least hardware-wise, this should be really low-cost.
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