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Name: X... X..
Subject: My order through

I place an order for a black Indian Motorcycle ride-on on
Nov 9 through I still haven't received it.
Order number is XXX-XXXXXXX-XXXXXXX.
Please call me at XXX-XXX-XXXX or email me. Thanks!
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vincent @ 03.12.2007 12:17 CET
Can I get one of those too? ;-)
zai @ 04.12.2007 13:13 CET
we are are not allowed to move our mouse through this website!

but maybe you can order one somewhere else ;-)

otherwise i can melt you a TANK... your grand children will love it.
vincent @ 04.12.2007 16:30 CET
i don't mean to insult your thoroughly admirable mad tank-melting skillz... but should i ever have grand children, i'm sure they'd be more interested in the butane burner. ;-)

hehe. burn baby, burn.

any plans for a tank-melting workshop?
pol @ 04.12.2007 18:46 CET
childhood dreams delivered. LOL. TAID. FOO.

anyone who clicks this link will be put into the next melting TANK, together with his childhood dreams ;-)

here's the alternative link:
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