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Fleeting Architecture and Hideout

Featuring the etoy.TANK-PLANT at MFO park and the MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS in San Jose.

From the publisher's website:
Spacecraft presents projects that meet the changing spatial needs of our modern lifestyles and that are simultaneously expanding our current understanding of architecture. On the one hand, the book features flexible, fleeting structures that only exist for a limited time. On the other hand, Spacecraft focuses on spaces that are used temporarily. Whether vacation homes, urban hideouts, art projects, pavilions or studios, all of the included work is distinguished by a playful, unconventional use of space.

Editors: R. Klanten, L. Feireiss
Die Gestalten Verlag Berlin

Obviously a must have.

ANGEL APPLICATION is getting dressed


Thanks to extensive recent efforts by etoy.POL, the M∞ ANGEL APPLICATION is about to become usable by mere mortals.

He has been working pretty hard to expose the most essential functionality via a convenient GUI interface, to be released soon. A recent addition that I'm particularly fond of is an embedded python shell, that allows the interaction with the guts of a running instance:




We are happy to announce the immediate availability of ANGEL APPLICATION version 0.2.0.

This update is mainly a major rework of the underlying networking code. For more in-depth information about what has been done by the development crew, see this blog post from Vincent. Also, more information is available on the M∞ ANGEL-APPLICATION Developer Wiki.

One important thing to note: if you are upgrading from an older version, you will have to purge/empty your local repository once before being able to help safeguard MISSION ETERNITY data forever. This can be done with a single mouse-click in the File menu -> "Purge repository".

Grab your copy now and become an ANGEL in the global social memory network!

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CALL for testing ANGEL APPLICATION release candidate 0.2.0rc1

Dear all,

the ANGEL APPLICATION source code has reached a point which we think is good for creating a new public release for m221e ANGELS.

To make sure things go well, we kindly ask that each etoy.AGENT running MAC OS X or a Unix-ish operating system downloads the RELEASE CANDIDATE of the software, which is available at

All we ask for is starting it and checking the following things:

- does it crash?
- does the "p2p process" run continuously?
- do all the icons and images show up correctly?

If you encounter problems, you can do the following:

- purge the repository via the new File menu command and see if the problem persists
- remove all previous data like so:

    rm -rf ~/.angel-app
    rm ~/.angelrc

and see if the problem persists
- report the operating system version
- for mac users, consider copy pasting output from (it shows the logging of angel-app)

For a list of changes, I suggest looking at agent Vincent's blog post at:

It would be nice to get feedback (also positive ;-) ) during the weekend.

thank you!

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our friend hachiya works on airplanes

open sky 2.0

first tests on youtube
and second life planing
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etoy pr und info files wie awards, press, publications, agents

agents bios
awards, shows, publications
and project docus can be found in the download section of

please always use this files for submissions etc.

specific MISSION ETERNITY related material can be found on MISSION ETERNITY.ORG


next generation etoy.TERMINALS

cheaper, faster, lighter, less fragile, easier to set up, batteries included: eeepc. comments welcome.
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