We are very pleased to be able to announce the immediate availability of ANGEL APPLICATION version 0.3.0.

This update consists of stability fixes (see e.g. here), api cleanup work (see the current module import graph), as well as GUI work. See the CHANGELOG. Further information is available on the M∞ ANGEL-APPLICATION Developer Wiki.

One important thing to note: if you are upgrading from an older version, you will have to purge/empty your local repository once before being able to help safeguard MISSION ETERNITY data forever. This can be done with a single mouse-click in the File menu -> "Purge repository".
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etoy.MARCOS @ 25.11.2007 20:39 CET
very cool!
vincent @ 25.11.2007 20:49 CET
thanks! if you have teredo set up, please make sure that IPv6 is enabled ;-)
habi @ 26.11.2007 10:19 CET
have you thought about implementing sparkle ( at least for the OSX-version)
vincent @ 26.11.2007 10:31 CET
hehe. that would be a subtle hint, i guess? ;-) i've looked into it. but for the time being, i'm afraid that pol and me are still swamped with the bare essentials. so we still have to outsource the pain of frequent upgrades to the end-users. sorry.

also, i suppose a more portable solution might rely directly on python's setuptools. but this is of little value until the twisted developers decide to clean up their act (which is currently semi-broken).

of course contributions along these lines would be more than welcome ;-)
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