ANGEL APPLICATION - approaching beta

We're highly pleased with the progress we have been making lately: The next release of the ANGEL APPLICATION is to be expected for one of the coming weekends (obviously, it's ready when it's ready, we're largely debian nerds after all). The obligatory screenie (looks haven't changed much, tho'):

Major changes include:

  • a completely revamped security model: we have abandoned our previously mixed pull/push model in favor of a purely pull model. This greatly simplifies the code, and increases security by disallowing any (with one tiny, optional, exception) modification of data on the clients by remote agents. However, this required
  • NAT traversal support. This we implemented by adding optional support for NAT traversal via teredo/miredo. This in turn required
  • (optional) support for IPv6 in the twisted matrix library, our primary infrastructure library. The extension is available as a (limited, but self-contained) add-on module from our subversion repository.
  • To support transparent addressing in the face of a schizophrenic internet infrastructure, agent.POL has implemented a dynamic DNS service that supports IPv6 (note e.g. the clone located at, IPv6 required). He's currently offering that as a free service on We plan to integrate it more tightly into the angel-app as time and resources permit.
  • A revamped configuration subsystem.
  • Improved GUI support.
  • An extensive code cleanup, resulting in a reasonably clean object model and a rather thorough unit test harness, while actually reducing the size of the code base.

I'm currently in the process of stress-testing the system by letting POL's home machine backup my holiday pictures (again, IPv6 support required). Things are looking good so far ;-) Stay tuned, or grab the latest snapshot from svn.



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