urban IMPLANT: etoy is going organic

there we go. here we grow. -> first etoy.TANK at raeffelstr 28 / Zuerich. the first brick of the new studio and research plant for a better life and a new breed of art.

One of four etoy.TANKS was placed on Tuesday 18.9.2007 to build the base for further construction.

Thanks to Swiss Life and Steff Fischer from Fischer Liegenschaften Zuerich for the trust in etoy.CORPORATION. It is great to know that even in hard times, when project funding for art on the edge seams almost impossible, there are brave individuals and companies out there who help with space, passion and time to turn ARTISTIC VISIONS INTO REALITY.

Thanks as well to Miriam Zehnder,, Rosmarie Mueller and Marc Angst from NRS Team, Ruedi Zai, Rahel Kamber (Wirtschaftsfoerderung Zürich), Paul Baumann (Praesidial Dept. Zuerich) and Lehrmittelverlag des Kantons Zurich for their network, ideas and energy. Kisses to all etoy.AGENTS working for art shares instead of old fashioned money. Greatings to Robert Anton Wilson and his peers in all 8 dimensions.



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