Supporting IPv6 in twisted

It turns out that adding IPv6 support to the twisted library is rather straightforward. Originally, I just hacked up a few changes to get my prototype running with teredo, resulting in a few lines of changes to the twisted networking code (patch available). It turns out that the resulting code seems fully backwards-compatible with IPv4. Unintended, but highly welcome ;-) YAY (IPv6 required)!

Anyhow -- if you're a hacker, give teredo a try. Turn your laptop into a server in a few minutes. It's a sexy piece of technology which I think will greatly change the way we think about and work with the internet.

One thing to keep in mind are security issues: teredo provides you with a globally visible IP address, meaning you're directly addressable worldwide. NATs and many in-between firewalls are tunnelled through. If you're using a mac, add something like the following ipfw firewall ruleset (thanks POL) to your miredo startup command (see /etc/miredo.conf) to protect you from unsolicited and possibly dangerous traffic:


exec > "$LOGFILE" 2>&1

echo "Starting miredo hook for setting up firewall rules...."
echo "$0: $$" echo "uid: $UID"
killall -HUP lookupd DirectoryService

/sbin/ip6fw add 1000 allow log tcp from any to any 6221
/sbin/ip6fw add 1001 deny log tcp from any to any

ANGEL APPLICATION getting ready for IPv6?

After a beautiful afternoon hack, we got the angel-app to work with miredo/teredo and IPv6.

screenshot with IPv6 address


What's the meaning of this you might ask yourself? Well, it means the potential for true p2p networking, which has so far been a real pain in the ANGEL APPLICATION's backside.

Among other things, agent.POL has been able to access my ANGEL APPLICATION instance running on my laptop at home -- behind 2 layers of NAT, no less.

And if you have a teredo-enabled host (perhaps even with any IPv6-enabled host, we're not sure yet), you can try it yourself for the time being (no guarantees):


This means that a highly secure pull-only model is (in principle) within reach, greatly simplifying and stabilizing the ANGEL APPLICATION.

Stay tuned.

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TSR Mise au Point Aug 2007

TSR (Télévision Suisse Romande) producer François Cesalli realized a smart 9 min documentary on MISSION ETERNITY for last Sunday's edition of Mise au Point. Watch the video here. It features etoy's show during the Tweakfest 2007 last May and provides a snappy insight into what MISSION ETERNITY is about. (It's in French)

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Mission Eternity Sarcophagus at `art en plein air` in Môtiers

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