etoy - Etoys and the 100 Dollar Computer

etoy.CORPORATION is proud to have had a first look inside the 100 Dollar Computer Project. Thanks to Markus Gaelli, an evangelist for using Squeak/Etoys on the children's machine, etoy.CTO monorom and etoy.INTERN maki could test the hard- and software and give some critical inputs.

One educational software on top of the children's machine is called Etoys, a programming environment for children, something between MaxMSP and AdobeFlash. The development environment behind Etoys is Squeak, a free Smalltalk-Dialect. Etoys is designed to give children their first experiences in coding. Exactly there the etoy.CORPORATION sees a great potential in allowing people of entwicklungsländer to achieve computer skills as high as "western standarts". Think about the social impact this could have, when software developing work is not only outsourced to india but also to latin-america, africa and other asian countries.

Because of social interests and of course because of the similarity of the name of the eduSoftware the etoy.CORPORATION is evaluating a way to participate the project.

Here are some links if you are interessted in the 100 Dollar Computer-Project: Children's_Machine EToys Programming_Language

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M∞ SARCOPHAGUS on the way to Motiers

The M∞ SARCOPHAGUS is now on the way to ART Môtiers.

Despite heavy rain, etoy.CTO Monorom oversaw the lift-off on site and sent the sarcophagus on its first trip loaded with the mortal remains of Timothy Leary. From now on, MISSION ETERNITY rides on the global transportation infrastructure making the mobile last resting place reality.
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