Become a MISSION ETERNITY ANGEL now - together with, as of today, 646 other high risk art consumers, digital tourists, lawyers, and mortal remains couriers:
The MISSION ETERNITY software is ready for boarding. Make MISSION ETERNITY fly by becoming an alpha tester for the angel application software version 0.1.7. Read the security advice carefully and proceed to download:

On February 14, 2007, etoy.AGENTS forced the etoy.MANAGEMENT to install the GPLed version 0.1.2 of the ANGEL APPLICATION for self-experiment. The development to the current version 0.1.7 reflects the fight against the worst bugs - involving plasma cutters and reaping hooks.

The ANGEL APPLICATION is the technological backbone of the operation MISSION ETERNITY and the keystone that links the here and now with the beyond. A peer-to-peer network automatically backs up the digital remains of the TEST PILOTS. Forever. If one angel drops out, another one substitutes.

Becoming an angel means accepting the role of the guardian over the knowledge that passes over to the next generation. The passage is direct, digital, and distributed. You are the link between the living and the dead. By hosting MISSION ETERNITY ARCANUM CAPSULES you contribute to an inter-generational work of art that implements a new form of mourning and remembrance.

DOWNLOAD THE MISSION ETERNITY ANGEL APPLICATION TODAY! Currently, only unix-type operating systems are supported (Mac OS X, Linux, *BSD).

Taking risk for art yields rewards: The first 100 pioneers are rewarded with an ALPHA ANGEL PATCH. Follow the instructions upon installing the ANGEL APPLICATION.

Hackers join the software development mailing list:

The etoy.MANAGEMENT rates the software as stable alpha quality. By running this prototype, ALPHA ANGELS may expose themselves to several risk factors, including but not limited to network abuse, data loss and identity theft. It may be possible to exploit security holes in the ANGEL APPLICATION to collect critical data from your computer, destroy data on your computer, or install malicious software agents. The software is delivered as is without any warranty. Potential security threats can include adult content, unsolicited violence, and pre-teen screaming. Installing the prototype too late can cause seizures and may create birth defects. Consuming high risk art can kill you. It's a glorious death compared to a boring car accident.

Technical report


Today, agent HAEFLIGER locked the ashes of Timothy Leary into the safe at etoy.HEADQUARTERS after a subversive transfer from the Leary estate to agent MARLAND in California via New York to Switzerland: The clandestine Good Friday Ash Transfer was documented only days later in the etoy.BLOG
Timothy Leary is ready to enter MISSION ETERNITY: etoy awaits the decision of the etoy.SHAREHOLDERS

etoy.ACTIVITIES and preview

*The SARCOPHAGUS has left Oakland for Zurich on April 10, 2007
*On May 5, etoy invites to the Schauspielhaus Zurich for a live session with MISSION ETERNITY TEST PILOTS (background can be found here:
*On May 12, etoy inaugurates the first large-scale encapsulation TANK-SYSTEM for children: Voelklinger Huette Ironworks Park - a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site and European Capital of Culture 2007
*On May 24, the MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS opens its doors at Turbinenplatz in Zurich - for the first time for the Swiss audience. - Independent of religious beliefs and scientific speculations, MISSION ETERNITY explores life after death. Video introduction


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