angel-app version 0.1.2 available

angel-appThe newest developer preview release (version 0.1.2) is available as of now from both the angel-app website as well as from the angel-app network itself.

The only immediate visible change is the new menu entry "File -> Import secret key...". The CHANGES file in the source tarball has more information.


How to build an etoy.TANK - Part One

etoy.CEO agent.Zai and etoy.INTERN agent.MAKI are showing how
to customize your shipping-container into an original etoy.TANK.
A welding apparatus, a plasma cutter, some grinding machines and
a lot of steel are needed for the modification.

Here you can watch how to do it in motion pictures.

agent.ZAI welding
agent.ZAI is welding the reinforcing element, also called the
tank.BACKBONE, to the conatainer roof. Because the endwalls
are cut out to the half on two sites the container loses a lot of
stability. With this construction the etoy.TANK shouldn't collapse
when it is liftet.

etoy.TANK voelklingen etoy.TANK voelklingen
Here is how you and your contanier should look like after the
etoy.TANK rebuilding Part One.
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LoRa - Malstrom radio show

etoy participates in a local radio show in Zurich on "Denkstrom und Hirnmaschine" next Saturday March 24 at 7pm - airing on LoRa at 95.7 Mhz: organized and moderated by Anne-Catherine Eigner of
do tune in!

voelklingen etoy.TANKLANDING 2007

etoy.TANK-LANDING on March 9, 2007:

with 2 hours dealy the first etoy.TANK from china arrived in voelklingen.
it is the first of a new series of mobile etoy.STUDIOS. after the
encapsulation process etoy will integrate the system into its headquarters
in zurich/switzerland in 2008.

no, etoy didn't change its corporate identity! the tank will be modified and
then gets its final color coat: MISSION ETERNITY WHITE with orange logos,
shipping ID, etoy.TRACKING-NUMBER and standard container labels.

this is the home of etoy.TANKS No. 6 and No. 7. between March 2007 and
Mai 2008 two 40 feet high cube containers will be stacked and directly
connected to the giant "geblaesehalle" in which the show GENIUS 1 will
take place. via a gateway visitors will access etoy's installation that must
be capable to deal with up to 1000 visitors a day. a small part serves as
information area for adults while the main area is accessible for
participating children only.

two large steel pipes have to be dismantled and a steel construction will
be installed as pedestal. the main challenge is the emergency escape plan
which has to guarantee evacuation of 20 children within a few seconds.

modifications started on March 9, 2007. etoy.CEO zai and etoy.INTERN
Matthias Peter (picture) stayed 6 days in voelklingen working 12h a day
on preparation of the first etoy.TANK for the insulation and wood workers
who take over next week.

for the first time in history etoy.AGENTS picked up raw steel from the
factory directly. saarstahl still operates a huge plant next to the closed
huette. etoy.AGENTS assisted by local workers cut, grinded, welded and
assembled all parts inhouse to ensure highest quality.

as usual day and night shifts ensured pure self exploting in the name of
art and world domination.

after 6 days (and nights on the construction site and in voelklingens italo
saloon) the crew finished the raw steel work with a dealy of 3 days. the
next few weeks will be fully dedicated to software and detail tasks again.

thanks to the local workers: rainer schmitt (main angel working many late
shifts with etoy), sven peters, guenther marx and all other guys working
hard to get the job done.

thanks to frank kraemer (project manager) and dr. grewenig for trusting

see you in april!
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etoy at weltkulturerbe voelklinger huette 2007 and 2008



voelklinger huette - zentrum fuer kunst und industrie kultur is one of the
main projects of the european culture capital 2007 (region luxembourg).
for the exhibition "GENIUS 1" etoy.CORPORATION was invited to install
a children encapsulation tank-system for 5'000 to 10'000 MISSION
ETERNITY JUNIOR PILOTS (5 to 11 years). the exhibition will open in may
2007. more information:

check out the HISTORY of the steel production plant. between 1873 and 1986
many generations of steel workers and engineers produced steel for the
whole world. on the peek in the german wiederaufbau more than 17'000
people worked here. in the 80s the plant shot down. today the giant area is
under UNESCO protection. it is the first industrial monument on the list of the
UNESCO World Cultural Heritage sites. it is the only surviving ironworks in
the world from the heyday of iron and steel production and a unique
testimony to an industrial epoch of the past.

today kilometers of rusty steel pipes, stairs, pumps etc. build an insane
industrial dinasaur, ideal for etoy to study the link between the past and
the future - technoloy, innovation and decay.


16x16 blinkenpanel with gumstix

The Blinken-software and all nescessary tools could be quite easily ported to the gumstix. Some tweaks and segfaults later (sshd caused some issues), the first tests with a 16x16 panel are currently running. Performance-wise, the 400Mhz Xscale on the gumstix seems to cope quite well with the testmovies.
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Archives and the use of Second Life

The Stanford Humanities Lab and affiliates created this Machinima clip about their (at least) double-layered project called "The Dante Hotel" that conserved and experimented with a real-life hotel room appropriated in 1972, originally by Lynn Hershman Leeson and Elenor Coppola. More here.

chregu vs. god

chregu made the reddit headlines. Or rather this fine bit of prose on his site.


hehe. yes. why not?
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the virus hosts the DNA

... the DNA hosts the virus.

i'm pleased to announce that the angel-app is from now on hosted on ... the angel-app. and comes with an all-new and improved GUI.

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angel-app module graph

module dependency graph of the angel-app maintainer process (the core routine that synchronizes nodes). cute, isn't it?

module dependencies of angel-app

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ANGEL APPLICATION 0.4.2 "pollination"
harvesting April 1st hoaxes for future technologies
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