Glasbead performance by John Klima at dock18

John Klima performed with glasbead, a software that enables to create musical arrangements from soundsamples using a distinctive 3D interface. Inspired by the novel "The Glass Bead Game" by Herman Hesse, John maintains this piece since it's initial release for Windows 95 up to the present.
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zai @ 19.02.2007 09:29 CET
i met klima for a few beers last night. we had a interesting conversation about the future of media art and it looks like the world will not get rid of us too soon... ;-)

at the same time we all face some serious lessons conservation, mediation etc...

it was very cool to talk to a guy who shares our interest and love for the details and is sick of all the fake pr shit... its time to get SERIOUS while staying a super freak!
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