etoy is looking for a new CFO

Apologies to our English-only readers: we're advertising the position locally because the CFO needs to be Swiss-based, preferrably Zurich.

Für unsere Kunstproduktion, und speziell hinsichtlich des aktuellen Grossprojekts MISSION ETERNITY, suchen wir eine kommunikative Managerin/einen Manager als CFO, die mit Finanzen umzugehen weiss, in Zusammenarbeit Budgets erstellen kann und sich im Management Team integriert. Bei Interesse, aber nicht notwendigerweise, wird die direkte Einbindung in die (Kunst-)Produktion von uns gefördert, was auch Reisetätigkeit mit sich bringt. Diese Stelle ist nicht direkt mit dem Sponsoring verknüpft. Um die Aufgabe für einen Einstieg in die Kunstproduktion zu ermöglichen, schätzen wir den Aufwand insgesamt auf ca. 1 bis 3 Tage im Monat.

Position: Chief Financial Officer
Zeithorizont: ab März 2007.
Vergütung: etoy.SHARES, agent status

Please apply to:
investor relations



Notes from the 5th Immortology forum / via Marie Lechner

MISSION ETERNITY new info movie available

here is the latest version of the info slide show with sound:

512 x 384 pixel:

1024 x 768 pixel:

thanks again to agent REID for the voice over, the san jose photographer Everett Taasevigen, to our two excellent graphic designers viola zimmermann (MISSION IDENTITY 2006) and brigitte lampert (LOGBOOK, EDITION, ADVISE) as well as to the architect miriam zehnder (TANKS) for visual material.

Glasbead performance by John Klima at dock18

John Klima performed with glasbead, a software that enables to create musical arrangements from soundsamples using a distinctive 3D interface. Inspired by the novel "The Glass Bead Game" by Herman Hesse, John maintains this piece since it's initial release for Windows 95 up to the present.
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what do the reddit nerds use for backup?

interesting discussion on backup for mere mortals over at in particular, note this quote:
If it's so easy, I keep wondering why I can't find a program created by someone who's put just a bit of extra effort into it to make something that's generic enough for others to use. Not idiot-proof, but something I can set up in 15 minutes by specifying the machines to back up, the directories to include, those to exclude (in a simply way...rsync loses here), and how much history to keep. [permalink]


In their Friday edition, the French daily features a three-page article about MISSION ETERNITY - by Marie Lechner

Articel PDF


FON in zurich

The collaborative, worldwide FON wifi system is now all over the place, even in Zurich... time to become a Linus or a Bill Gates?

ah, btw, this is from a post on joi ito's blog, where he mentions that phone wifi routers in the US can now be had for free.

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