Novelty and media art

Villö Huszai adds a smart reply to a recent newspaper article by Gampps (referenced, all in German) on the novelty of the Internet as a medium for art. If you want to see pictures only, you will see pictures only, wherever you look. But artistic innovation often appears as a participative process, a process that can be greatly enhanced by information technologies. As these technologies keep changing our working and leisure lives, art reflects the changes and has to take certain steps beyond, hence producing, as ever, the dilemma of contemporary art - new but hard to recognize. Actually: the newer the harder to recognize at all! While all innovators (in technology, business, or academia) have to walk this fine line, art innovators have a certain right to rely on interpretation - the businesses making the art markets.

etoy's consistent use of the hologram to certify etoy.WORK is a logical consequence of the participative process underlying innovation at etoy. If etoy produces a picture it can never be only the picture: in fact our "pictures" only document what WE do. And the artist signing it is the community of agents who contribute to the artistic endeavor. etoy uses technology to authenticate art produced in an ongoing participative process.


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