etoy at burning man 2006

As of tomorrow, etoy.CORPORATION will be presenting the the MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS, a mobile sepulcher for users who prefer to be buried at an undetermined geographical location at the Burning Man 2006. Check it out near the temple (open after sundown), or visit the etoy.CREW at the playaQ camp site at 4:30 and brave!!!

The mobile cemetery tank is a 20 foot ISO standard cargo container which potentially travels planet earth forever. The inside walls of the tank are covered with 12,000 individually addressable LED's, forming an immersive, semi-interactive display system, with each LED forming the potential last resting place of a M∞ PILOT. The system therefore allows for simple re-location of the mortal remains of up to 1000 M∞ PILOTS.


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