MISSION ETERNITY Tank on the way to san jose

This was the first time in etoy.HISTORY, that all tanks assembled in the same place.

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Thanks to Dominique Batschlet for the images.
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M221E sacophagus construction vid

Some mobile footage by Styro. Shot in the last night before shipping the tank.
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Un sarcophage numérique pour immortaliser des vies - 20 minutes 2006-06-27


2006_06_27_20minutes_un_sarcophage_numerique.eps (300dpi)

2006_06_27_20minutes_un_sarcophage_numerique.jpg (150dpi)
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Sealand burns down

Sealand burns down
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Misty Morning on the Lake of Neuchâtel

Misty Lake of Neuchâtel
Charging the batteries for the etoy.GENERAL-MEETING 2006 in La Corbière.
btw: I thought the Lake of Neuchatêl is much bigger ... and deeper...

Retreat in La Corbière

Thanks to our CFO agent.BALMER's affiliations, the etoy.CREW works in the idyllic retreat location in La Corbière. The meditative sound of sheep bells enhances and harmonizes the etoy.WORK-FLOW.


The MISSION ETERNITY SARCOPHAGUS left for the US this week. The etoy.CREW is looking forward to solemnly anchoring the cult in Silican Valley.


sounds isa mission eternity keiser

isas sound files...


Pixel- und Verteilermodul Anordnung

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Kaiser counting

Kaiser counting. From m221e initiation sesssion.
Download (mp3, 3,6M)

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