exonemo - The Road Movie

Our friends from exonemo won the "goldene Nica" in the category Net Vision for their Road Movie project.


The Road Movie: A mobile installation system is on the move at Moblab, which was an art project
that German and Japanese artists travel Japan by bus.

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neue zuger zeitung 28.4.2006

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code and wood for mission eternity

auch monorom weiss nun was ein stechbeutel ist.

From the smartass etoy.OFFICE: it's called "Stechbeitel" in German and chisel in English.
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MISSION ETERNITY m221e_20ft isolation

isolation (putex AL 20mm geklebt)
lattung 60x60mm
isolation/speichermasse (pavatherm 60mm)
dampfsperre verklebt (sager dampfbremse weiss)
OSB platten 21mm

lattung 80x100mm
isolation (saglan sb 22 80mm)
dampfsperre verklebt (sager dampfbremse weiss)
OSB platten 21mm


m221e_20ft spezifikationen

länge 6058mm
breite 2438mm
höhe 2591mm
gewicht leer 2.17t
gewicht ausbau/isolation ca. 1.5t


pixeltank verkablung

(klick fuer 100% Ansicht - Pixelwand 1:25)

Module 0-3, 12-15: 2m Kabel
(1.5m wuerden knapp reichen)

Module 5,6,9,10: 1m Kabel
(0.75m wuerden reichen fuer 9,10)

Module 4,7,8,11: 1.5m Kabel

Pro 16 Pixelmodule (9x):
8 Stk. a 2.0m
4 Stk. a 1.0m
4 Stk. a 1.5m

Pro 12 Pixelmodule (4x):
6 Stk. a 2m
4 Stk. a 1m
2 Stk. a 1.5m

9 Verteilermodule a 16 Pixelmodulen:
9 x 8 Stk. a 2.0m = 72 Stk. a 2.0m
9 x 4 Stk. a 1.0m = 36 Stk. a 1.0m
9 x 4 Stk. a 1.5m = 36 Stk. a 1.5m

4 Verteilermodule a 12 Pixelmodulen:
4 x 6 Stk. a 2.0m = 24 Stk. a 2.0m
4 x 4 Stk. a 1.0m = 16 Stk. a 1.0m
4 x 2 Stk. a 1.5m = 8 Stk. a 1.5m

96 Stk. a 2.0m
52 Stk. a 1.0m
44 Stk. a 1.5m
(cat5 Ethernetkabel)


proto Pixel

first proto LED light screens on test - in collaboration with


Der Tod ist ein Umzug

Andere Leute sehen das auch so, und wollen weiterbestehen und sogar Besuch bekommen:

etoy.ACTIVITIES update 18.5./20.5.2006

++ May 18, 2006 in Biel: 18:15 Nocturne, meet the artists.

Centre PasquArt / BRANDING: Das Kunstwerk zwischen Authentizität und Aura, Kritik und Kalkül (including artists Jenny Holzer, Sylvie Fleury, Urs Lüthi, etoy.CORPORATION a.m.o.)

Presentation by two members of the etoy.MANAGEMENT who will officially launch the etoy.HOLOGRAM.

The cutting edge security solution is used to authenticate etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATES. Each hologram contains micro text, encrypted hidden features, a serial number and holographic elements that are virtually impossible to counterfeit. The etoy.HOLOGRAM is the result of a 6 months collaboration between etoy.IR, graphic designer Brigitte Lampert and the Swiss high tech company 3D-AG - one of the few manufacturers of high security holograms for bank notes, passports etc.

etoy will give a short overview of projects and presents the state of development of its current venture MISSION ETERNITY to the public.

++ May 20, 2006 in Zurich Binz: 13:00-18:00

The etoy.ZURICH-BRANCH has a new home: SUPERTANKER at Binzstrasse 23 in Zurich.

To cut costs and to focus all resources on MISSION ETERNITY, etoy.CORPORATION decided to close its offices at Dienerstrasse and transferred all local agents to the new etoy.TANK-PLANT.

etoy.TANK #17 and one MISSION ETERNITY TANK moved to the new Binz location offered by sponsor SWISS LIFE. Another etoy.TANK will arrive in June when MISSION ETERNITY expands to the USA.

The opening for the renovated office building SUPERTANKER and for the new etoy.ZURICH-BRANCH will be held this Saturday, May 20, during the afternoon.

etoy.AGENTS look forward to refreshing you!

Press review Mai 2006


29.04.2006 Digitalzauber oder den Tod überleben (pdf)

Zuger Zeitung

28.04.2006 Zug investiert in die Ewigkeit (pdf)
28.04.2006 Er soll im weltweiten Netz unsterblich sein (pdf)

Neue Luzerner Zeitung

28.04.2006 Die Stadt Zug investiert in die Ewigkeit (pdf)

Berner Zeitung

26.04.2006 Daten für die Ewigkeit (pdf)

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