Branding - Exhibition at Centre Pasquart : pictures


Das Kunstwerk zwischen Authentizität und Aura, Kritik und Kalkül
L'oeuvre d'art entre authenticité et prestige, critique et spéculation

Pictures of the space in Centre Pasquart assigned to and invaded by the etoy.UNIVERSE







Centre Pasquart, Biel/Bienne, 2.4.2006 - 28.5.2006
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Press review April 2006

Tages Anzeiger

Konstantin Seibt, 24.04.2006
Seine letzte Karriere ist die virtuelle Unsterblichkeit (pdf)

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Seine letzte Karriere ist die virtuelle Unsterblichkeit - Tages Anzeiger 2006-04-24


small scan version for selected press section


300dpi scan:

Der etoy.TANK ist auch ein Pferdestall ...


so now that slashdot has officially been declared uncool ..

by its very own god, can i admit again that i'm a slashdot-addict? ;-)

Torvalds Has Harsh Words For FreeBSD Devs

linus torvalds flames slashdot
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etoy presents BRITNEY at PHPUG

Britney - a simple dynamic display system

etoy.SILVAN presents the user-driven system to publicly display various kinds of information and visualizations.

Britney is almost entirely written in PHP and will be shown at tomorrow's PHPUG event at Kuntraum Walcheturm.

21.April 2006 18.00
PHPUG at Kunstraum Walchturm

Britney allows for creating simple choreographies from people's digital materials. Individual screens can be composed out of images, movies, slideshows or texts. Multiple screens together form a playlist which is preferably displayed with a beamer onto a public wall or canvas. The structure of britney is quite simple, which makes for an almost zero training curve for content producers to get access to the system.

german infos

people doing strange things with electricity to night at Kunstraum Walchturm is a meeting of artists (sound/image/movement/whatever), designers, engineers, students, scientists, and other interested parties who are involved in the creative use of electricity. meetings are free and open to the public.

etsuko maesaki (jp) // robin meier (fr/ch) // etoy (ch) // waveformer

WebDAV server with TwistedMatrix - Part 2 / X

this is a follow-up to WebDAV server with TwistedMatrix -- Part 1 / X where i have cleaned up the code somewhat. i can hardly believe that this is actually all you need to do:

from twisted.internet import reactor
from twisted.web2.dav import static
from twisted.web2 import server, channel

site = server.Site(static.DAVFile("/Users/vincent/Desktop/test"))
9998, channel.HTTPFactory(site))

you can now connect to your localhost on port 9998.

there are a few catches, though:
  • the twisted dav server is only DAV-level 1 compliant (i.e. it doesn't support locking). However, clients such as OS X 10.4's built-in DAV client require level 2 compliance (not that they really need it). a workaround is the following: in twisted/web2/dav/ change the following line as indicated in the comment:
    def davComplianceClasses(self): 
    return ("1",) # Add "2" when we have locking
  • OS X 10.3's built-in client (and likely 10.4's as well) as well as a bunch of other ones don't support redirection, which twisted does for requests on directories performed with a trailing "/" on the URI. consequently, directories are not (properly) rendered by the OS X 10.3 client (see the ticket). A workaround is to comment out the return RedirectResponse in twisted/web2/dav/ .
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WebDAV server with TwistedMatrix -Part 1 / X

angel-app accepted for ISEA2006

letter of acceptance

which i guess somehow (involuntarily?) makes me an "artist" now ;-)

Good Friday encapsulation session

During the Good Friday encapsulation session, etoy.AGENTS built up a white environment at Kunstraum Walcheturm. Sepp Keiser from Zug could be milked for good and the crew settles down over Easter to evaluate the data and prototype the ARCANUM CAPSULE. Thanks to our most favorite test pilot Sepp Keiser!

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