etoy.CORPORATION launched a new content management system that integrates almost the entire etoy.UNIVERSE online. It has been developed by etoy.CODERS and is entirely based on the Flux-CMS. The new system features state-of-the-art content management tools, easy accessibility for the agents, and an internal knowledge management system for the coordination and archiving of all etoy.OPERATIONS.

A brand new history section highlights etoy.CORPORATION's past activities and informs investors and users about past events and value creation. the etoy.HISTORY represents the long path through art history that enables the current etoy.CREW to stand on the shoulders of giants. Once more, etoy moves faster than others to provide an archive for net art and a reference of past performance geared to the future.

etoy.INTERNAL-AFFAIRS offers an updated access to past activities with new categories and an efficient search tool to locate and browse etoy's news and research cache. For these changes, we were forced to accept some URI changes for which we apologize to the users.

enjoy the etoy.SITE!


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