22C3: Art and Beauty center

A lot more intersting stuff was going on today (the talk on Dylan, p2p algos, polemic endtime scenarios, amongst others). Now hanging around and chilling in the Art and Beauty center...


22C3: Media System deployment using Python


A very interesting talk by Ulrich van Zadow on media-oriented systems development using python.


22c3: Bert Bos of W3C on upcoming standards

Slides are available here:


22c3 opening talk by Joi Ito


He introduced SynchroEdit, a browser based collaboration tool for documents, instead of an irc backchannel.


checking in for 22C3



Wlan is already working, but facing a long queue waiting for tickets ....


bad boys, no?

quoting a quote quoted on LtU:
One of the cool things about Second Life is that players can create new kinds of objects, by writing small programs in a special scripting language to describe how the objects should behave, and then launching objects into the world.

Things got really out of hand when the W-Hats created a doomsday device. It looked like a harmless little orb, but it was programmed to make copies of itself, repeatedly. The single object split into two. Then each of those split, and there were four. Then eight, and sixteen, and so on to infinity.
weapons of mass destruction launched in a virtual world by people spending their time in a virtual home consisting mostly of swastikas and giant floating penises. is the web finally coming of age?


new outlet

starting on December 7 untill Christmas, BOUTIQUE - Art for the masses invites investors to shop for art online and in their exhibition space in Zurich.

etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATES available - invest today!


M221E server

The new M221E-box got installed and is running.

It's an AMD Athlon-64 1.8Ghz CPU, 2x80GB HD (Raid 1), with 1GB Ram that sports FreeBSD 6.0.
Im currently busy setting up and configuring all required tools etc.

Many thanks to Gassi from for the very generous housing opportunity.

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