how much is your blog worth?

as picked up on Don Park's blog. Good fun, though i'm not sure we should be happy with our ~17 k$ ...
My blog is worth $16,936.20.
How much is your blog worth?


MISSION ETERNITY meetup in Einsiedeln

in a follow-up to the meeting in Saas Fee, 11 agents keep pushing the limits of MISSION ETERNITY. see our 3-day meeting compressed to 8 minutes:




TAOCP coming to zurich

Donald E. Knuth, programming pope, author of TEX and of the highly celebrated but rarely read (since very mathematical) TAOCP (The Art Of Computer Programming) will be giving a lecture on the 22nd on the occasion of the ETH's 150th anniversary celebration. At the University, ironically. I might go, if someone joins.


LTSP.workshop (Linux Terminal Server Project)

::: ANNOUNCEMENT for our friends :::

next saturday
november 12th 2005

LTSP.workshop (Linux Terminal Server Project)

@ toni-molkerei zurich, switzerland

>>> during the day ...

... build-up yourOWN LTSP-network!

...and GO africa: our energized friends, andreas and michel, will present their LTSP-project in africa.

>>> in the evening ...

relax and give you the preview of wyona pictures' movie 'FUD - Fear Uncertainty Doubt' on the open source movement ...

for more information go:




OK, so what’s iFolder? Basically, it’s a Novell technology that automagically synchronizes files on disparate computers … in the background, without you having to worry about a thing. Pretty cool stuff. It’s included with the latest versions of SUSE, of course, but it isn’t yet bundled with other distros.
sounds pretty kewl. i'll be sinking my teeth into it at the next possible moment and see if this fixes some of etoy's data synchronization and storage problems... welcome.

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