etoy's guest performance at LISTA

Since two years LISTA is heavily supporting etoy with work space infrastructure and special (e.g. parking). Today and yesterday LISTA's emplyees had the opportunity to dive into the etoy.UNIVERSE. Several LISTA.workers, the CEO Andi Fischer included, visit the etoy.TANKS.

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cimetère israélite en France


TODAY: web-radio r23 on !!!!!


today (tuestday 3rd of may) at 9:00 pm (barcelona time) on web-radio r23 with video stream the hispano-germano-ingles interview with etoy.ZAI and etoy.MARCOS taking about etoy's barcelona operations.


in the studio riereta: Eduardo Imasaka (=video recording (with Xevi (not on the picture))), Antonia Folguera (=interviewing), etoy.MARCOS (=handicapped (with etoy.ZAI (not on the picture)) and Tati (=web-technology (not on the picture))

have fun!

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