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10 etoy.AGENTS spent 3 days in Saas-Fee planning, pondering and engineering a large-scale media art project due to be fully released in 2006. Thanks to a recent sponsoring deal with the Celebration-Hotels group and the Ferienart Resort&Spa, the agents enjoyed soaring productivity and physical as well as mental wellness. Consider our dynamic sponsors for your next event.


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Jornadas de debate: Arte y educación en la sociedad de la información

agent.MARCOS and agent.ZAI are invited to present etoy.DAY-CARE in Barcelona on April 2nd 2005 at the "Jornadas de debate: Arte y educación en la sociedad de la información" organized by Fundación ”la Caixa”.

The Education Service – Arts Laboratory of the “la Caixa” Foundation has organized a series of symposiums for discussion aimed at bringing different perspectives of art education closer to educators and all those interested in the subject.

In line with this aim, the symposiums set out to examine the social context in which educational institutions and contemporary art are brought together, in order to discover which uses and functions are required of them and assigned to education in general and to art education in particular, while at the same time examining the challenges, obstacles and opportunities they encounter.

Francisco Rubio, artistic director and coordinator of the symposium writes:

"Nos parece que vuestro proyecto etoy.DAY-CARE entronca directamente con el ‘main topic’ de la conferencia: ‘Arte y educación en la sociedad de la información’ en tanto que la circulación de la información y el conocimiento, la organización en red de vuestra corporación, la generación de significado como una parte en sí y no como un medio de la actividad productiva de la corporación (mediante estrategias como el ‘branding’, destinadas no exclusivamente a la producción de capital financiero, sino también social y cultural) etc. son características propias de la sociedad informacional."

etoy is looking forward again to penetrated spanish thinking and acting in art, economics and education.

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Jornadas de debate 2005 cast.pdf


etoy @ Les Complices*, Espace libre & Edition, Anwandstrasse 9, CH 8004 Zürich

Musée des Complices et Collaborateures///
Museum der Komplizen und Kollaborateure///
Museum of Accomplices and Collaborators///

10. März – 2. April 2005///

Opening next Wendsday 09.03.2005 18 to 22h (Bar!!!)

Thursday to Saturday: 14 to 18h

Next summer there will be a publication about the exhibition in jrp/ Ringier.

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