Internship with etoy.CORPORATION

For its current oparations in Switzerland, etoy.CORPORATION is looking for a dynamic, self-started intern in media art with a special interest in public relations. Benefits include a first-hand exposure to the development phase of a large-scale media art project in an international art corporation, direct involvement in the preparation of press releases and operation planning, as well as special agent status.

The planning and roll-out of our current project requires skills and artistic endeavor in cosmonautics, gereatrics and metaphysics. As these subjects tend to be rarely taught in school, our agents share an abrasive sense of discovery and collaborate across disciplines to deliver high quality art products. Languages used are English, German and French. Experience in public relations, the care of elderly people, art production, and programming are assets. Share our challenge and apply today!

Contact agent.HAEFLIGER, Investor Relations


kerneltrap interview with Richard Stallman

some believe he's a saint, not to say a true visionary. others have a very different view of him, accuse him of being a zealot, a dogmatist and the term "unwashed hippy" is probably one of the nicer labels from this crowd.

no matter what you think of him, there is no doubt that RMS, as he is also referred to by friend and foe is one of the most important proponents of the free software movement (not to be confused with the open source movement).

he founded the free software foundation and some of his insights and essays are published on their website in the philosophy section.

the etoy.CORPORATION - contoversial by design - suggests that you read for yourself what this controversial person has to say.

this slashdot discussion may also provide a lecture in creative name calling.

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