21C3: The Usual Suspects

Just visited the 21st Chaos Communication Congress at the Berlin Congress Center. And - surprise surprise - I was not the only etoy addict hanging around here.


Joi Ito wowed the crowd with a very eloquent speech on the State of Emergent Democracy. And he had - of course - his etoy book with him ;-)


christmas eve? party!

when you are in the zurich area you may consider partying in the Kaufleuten Lounge.

famous dj monoblock and the very own etoy.DJ kcor will get your blood boiling with their outrageous "russen-elektro-disco". sorry, this doesn't quite translate to russian-electro-disco, but you get the ghist.

turn on. tune in. drop out; admission from dec25, 00:01.


the politics of immortality

Boris Groys talks about immortality and to whom it matters:

Politik der Unsterblichkeit. Wer an Gott, den Weltgeist, das Sein, das Unbewusste oder etwa an den absolut Anderen glaubt, der braucht sicherlich nicht philosophische Diskurse zu entwickeln oder Kunstwerke zu schaffen, die für die Dauer angelegt sind. Dann reicht die ontologische Garantie allein, der man vertraut, dass sie auch ohne eine Intervention dem Untergang aller Dinge Einhalt gebietet. Wer aber in Bezug auf die ontologische Garantie der Unsterblichkeit zum Skeptizismus neigt und trotzdem für die Unsterblichkeit optiert, der beginnt, die Politik der Unsterblichkeit oder zumindest die Politik der langen Dauer zu praktizieren. Er beginnt dafür zu sorgen, dass bestimmte Diskurse – und seien es auch die Diskurse über Gott oder das Unbewusste – strategisch positioniert werden, erhalten werden, institutionell verankert werden.

Here comes a rough translation. If we follow that thought, we should not expect many artists among the believers, at least not those who strive to leave a mark in art history.

The politics of immortality. Who believes in God, the spirit, the being, the unconscious, or the absolute other certainly doesn't have to engage in philosophical discourse or create works of art that are made to last. In this case the ontological guarantee can be trusted to stop the demise of all things without our intervention. But in case of doubt regarding the guarantee of immortality, only the politics of long duration may keep the option of immortality alive. The sceptic starts to position certain discourses - and be they about God or the unconscious - and cares for their lasting, institutional establishment

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