etoy.MONOROMs birthday party



TODAY etoy.PAINSTATION was installed at etoy.TANK-PLANT4 in the mfo-park zurich north

fight the pain!


SIK (Swisss Institute for Art Research) at etoy.TANK-PLANT4 (mfo park, zurich north)



etoy.HAEFLIGER on radio LoRa

Nighttalk at Radio LoRa [1] starring etoy.HAEFLIGER stream (01:05:30) .torrent





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etoy in the midst of the energy


etoy on air

for next Monday, radio LoRa 97.5 FM in Zurich invited etoy.HAEFLIGER into the show "Nighttalk" with Pia Guggenbuehl. Tune in and get cool grooves for another hot night in Zurich.

Monday night, August 9/10, from midnight to 2 a.m.

out of town? stream it here



The etoy.GENERAL-MEETING was held at La Claustra on July 30 and 31. In an oasis of calm and granite inside the Swiss alpine massif Gotthard, etoy.CORPORATION found a perfect environment to deal with current business issues and personnel decisions. A military shelter-turned-seminar location, La Claustra offers an impeccable infrastructure that boosts a secluded working atmosphere, elegant dining, fine cuisine and the services of a spa resort. everything inside the rock.

The following etoy.AGENTS attended the meeting:
etoy.ZAI, etoy.KUBLI, etoy.GRAMAZIO, etoy.ROCKET, etoy.THOMMY, etoy.SILVAN, etoy.MONOROM, etoy.MARCOS, etoy.BEN, etoy.NEWTRON, etoy.HAEFLIGER, etoy.TG, etoy.MIR, etoy.GENE.

A lengthy discussion on financial issues lead to the decision of a complete conversion of dept and subsequent refinancing. etoy.CORPORATION receives funding through private and institutional investors and shareholders, public funds, cultural institutions, and corporate sponsors through alliances. At considerable length, etoy.AGENTS carved out new or improved funding and investment strategies that serve both etoy.CORPORATION and our partners.

etoy.CORE-AGENTS form the management of etoy.CORPORATION. The following management positions could be filled for the next year:
CEO: etoy.ZAI
Investor relations: etoy.HAEFLIGER
The position of CTO could not be filled at this point and etoy.CORPORATION is considering applications. etoy.TG assumes the office of CTO interim.

The board of the etoy.VENTURE-ASSOCIATION consists of the President: etoy.GRAMAZIO, the Vice-President: etoy.ZAI, and the Treasurer: etoy.MARCOS.

A visionary session involved all etoy.AGENTS in planning activities for the next year. Besides the current operations at the MFO park in Zurich, other projects are being launched to directly benefit shareholders by providing them with a constant stream of cultural value made by etoy.CORPORATION. For reasons of confidentiality, further details will be disclosed upon successful negotiations with partners.

etoy.CORPORATION wishes to thank Jean Odermatt of La Claustra and his crew for the hosting and all the support during the general meeting.

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