pair programming with etoy.TG and etoy.ROCK


etoy.ROCK and etoy.TG, two etoy programmers working side-by-side, collaborating on the same design, algorithm, code and test. agent.TG, the driver, has control of the keyboard&mouse and actively implements the program. agent.ROCK, the observer, continuously observes the work of the driver to identify tactical or syntactic defects and also thinks strategically about the direction of the work. On demand, the two programmers can brainstorm any challenging problem. Because the two programmers periodically switch roles, they work together as equals to develop software.


etoy.ZAI at the 34th ISC Management Symposium St.Gallen

The ISC-Symposium, held annually at the University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, is the world’s leading neutral platform for critical and constructive debate on issues of global concern. It seeks to promote dialogue crossing the boundaries of cultures, generations and interest groups.

This year etoy.CEO agent.ZAI was invited to speak on the topic "What Are Viable Business Models for Basic Research?". A detailed program is downloadable here:

the program "What Are Viable Business Models for Basic Research?"

some impressions:

etoy.ZAI at his speech.

FUR's PainStation at ISC2004.
etoy's first artwork for the etoy.ART-COLLECTION.

the audience at the the ISC leadership session with etoy.ZAI

etoy.ZAI (middle) invited by Dr. Simon Grand (left) and Marcos Garcia (right)
from the RISE Research Center at the University of St.Gallen.


etoy.RELAY back online

The etoy.RELAY is back online, showing the latest webcam-shots from amsterdam.


etoy.MEETING with Joi Ito in Andermatt

Joi Ito with agent.MONOROM and agent.ZAI at lunch.

etoy.MEETING: Joi, agent.MARCOS, agent.ZAI
and agent.MONOROM at work.

at valediction: joi, agent.HAEFLIGER, agent.ZAI and
Jean Odermatt (La Claustra founder).


first impressions from amsterdam


etoy.DAY-CARE 2 is now operating, with a first test-group having just graduated from our camp in Amsterdam.


The children are equipped with business cards and 2d-barcodes for a monitoring purposes.



etoy's longterm strategy in Amsterdam


etoy is invading Amsterdam Westerpark. The district was called one of the most socialist dutch place. With etoy.DAY-CARE2.0 we're working with the local youth towards a bright future.


already a strong brand, etoy.CORPORATION ensures with this move future revenue and growing cultural dividends.

More: Nieuwe Domeinen


TEC-IT: welcome on board of the etoy.SPACESHIP!

in the next physical world SHOW (amsterdam / nieuwe domeinen / 19.5. - 6.6.2004) etoy works with a new partner.

it's a pleasure to do business with:

TEC-IT: specialized in the development and supply of high-quality software products in the area of form and label printing, bar coding, printer management and data acquisition. Perfect product quality, outstanding customer support and the support of complex bar code symbologies like QR-Code or Datamatrix make TEC-IT the technology leader in the area of bar-coding tools.


now to something completly different: live blackbird!

Everything you alwas wanted to know about breeding:

Manu's terrace blackbird (turdus merula), 24/7. There's also some information regarding the location of the bird and some in depth news from the Vogelwarte Sempach!

Please be kind to the server (blum), it's just hocked up to a simple home-connection!

Guaraná Power hangover? Superflex review in LA Times.

Christopher Knight slams the Superflex show at REDCAT in the LA Times, essentially saying Superflex engages in the dull turf of Corporate Conceptualism and "offers nothing to think about."

I can't help but wonder: did Christopher wake up with a mind-clouding Guaraná Power hangover, or is he simply drunk off old-fashioned notions of art?

Christopher finds Superflex to be socially productive, agreeing with their politics, but seems to have no place for this in his purely aesthetic conception of art. The days when humanities were for generating thoughts and artists for generating aesthetic objects has long disappeared, and in doing so has opened up new territories for thinking, reflection, and socially relevant art.

Superflex, and etoy for that matter, is located somewhere in this context, providing ideas about ways in in which we can use existing social machines (corporations, structures) to organize and generate social differences while also accepting them. Failure to recognize this model seems to be a failure to understand the chaos of contemporary culture and the possible role of art within it.

Perhaps, in the end, its Christopher Knight's article that offers nothing to think about. He has his opinions, but what about ideas? Ideas are mobile. We can work with those.

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