agent.MARCOS at NETS.workshop

This weekend (26/27.03.2004) as a NETS Award Winner and co-founder of NEW BEHAVIOR agent.MARCOS participated at the first NETS workshop on technology entrepreneurship. NETS means New Entrepreneurs in Technology and Science and is a program designed to boost young Swiss entrepreneurs.

He had the opportunity to get to know Dr. Barbara Gautchi from ECOGENICS and they had a great discussion about Genatic Art, FINGERPRINTING and etoy.VIRUSES.

Possibly Eco-Genics could help etoy to develope the etoy.FINGERPRINT.



agent report: superflex / etoy lecture

Today I gave a lecture in a workshop that superflex is teaching as guest faculty at CalArts. Jakob and Bjørn invited me to talk about etoy and the role of structures and organization in the art world. Superflex's class focuses on how artists organize themselves, the structures that are relevant and how art can use them or be integrated into them.

etoy is very relevant to this discussion as structures and organization is fundamental to our discourse with art, business, culture, power and values. I talked about etoy as a corporate sculpture, how we are organized and the reasons behind our corporate structures. Superflex is also doing highly interesting things in this area, functioning as a shareholder company and spinning off projects into independent self contained subsidiaries.

Superflex is a very interesting, high-risk investment opportunity.




superflex / etoy lecture

etoy.USA will be giving an informal lecture today in a workshop taught by the danish art group superflex (doing very interesting things in the context of economy, structures / organization, design and art). Jakob and Bjørn from superflex are currently visiting faculty at CalArts, where the talk will be held at 11:00. Should be open to the public.


monoroms CSS intensivstation is online

after intense preparation the valuable code collection is now online.

in valid code she trusts - for a cascading future she fights hard!

visit monoroms emergency room:

soon in english as well. thanks to gregor rothfuss.

congratulations monorom!
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Madrid, 11.3.2004


The news from Madrid about the train bombings is paralyzing.

Such fanatic actions are like bullets fired into the spine of human culture. Actions like these provide political institutions with fuel for group hysteria and preemptive thinking; creating excuses to push agendas, start wars, call for zero tolerance and to spend billions on paranoia technology instead of education, solidarity and culture. Those who invest in TNT must realize that their bombs fit perfectly into the plans of political structures that don't want to talk about new ways to deal with old problems. The symbiotic relationship of terror and politics creates a destructive insanity in which globalization and media is complicit.

In order to address these problems we must develop productive ways to increase cultural understanding within our existing social systems.

The etoy.AGENTS express their deep sympathies to the people who suffer from these violent attacks.


JOYWAR. the next art war!


for further information go:


where is the art?


news from bushey museum.



etoy at ARCO Spain

etoy.ART-INVASION: "ABC de ARCO" the official publication of ARCO Spain shows etoy.TANKS on Plaza de Colón the day etoy.AGENTS invade ARCO, spain's biggest art fair, accompanied by RTVE.
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