Chicas de Madrid

Artistas famosas de Madrid


Art on Plaza Colón in Madrid Spain

This lady will never see the etoy.TANK-PLANT.
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etoy.TANK at Night in Madrid

etoy.TANKS charmed by Madrid nights.

etoy.TANK charmed by Madrid nights.






Desperately wanted: male, small, scarred face.


agent.TG on Plaza Colón Madrid Spain

etoy.TG ready for the public frenzy.


Opening Madrid Abierto - Feb 5. 2004 - Preparing for ARCO

Outside the etoy.TANK-PLANT at Plaza de Colon, Madrid.
People informing themselves about the etoy.UNIVERSE.
And then registering...
/files/images/2004/2/mob522_1076002748.jpg Gallerist Ma Juana de Aizpuru guarded by etoy.AGENTS.

The Swiss embassador just become an etoy.INVESTOR.
And then registering himself too.
etoy.TG offers etoy.MICROINVESTMENTS.
Ma Teresa Simarro Martinez, Altadis, Directora De Relaciones Externas: yet another happy etoy.CUSTOMER.
etoy.HAEFLIGER checking the security.
/files/images/2004/2/mob528_1076003013.jpg agent.MARCOS, Alicia Moreno (La consejera de las Artes de Madrid), Josef Doswald (Swiss embassador), Santiago Fisas (Consejero de Cultura de la Comunidad de Madrid)


agent.MARCOS implanting etoy.VISION

agent.MARCOS interviewed by the spanish television, RTVE.


etoy.ART-INVASION on Plaza Colón Madrid Spain

Early morning in Madrid


etoy.KEEL shooting the etoy.ART-INVASION on Plaza Colón Madrid Spain

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