Adobe Trademark Guidelines

With a strong interest in trademark law the Adobe Trademark Guidelines are pretty interesting to etoy. While my personal opinions are not cleared with the etoy.LEGAL-AFFAIRS department I would differ from adobe and encourage the use of etoy as a verb. Even as a noun, adjective, preposition, interjunction, or conjunction. Just not a pronoun.

Proper use of the Photoshop trademark
Trademarks help protect corporate and product identity, and Photoshop is one of Adobe's most valuable trademarks. By following the below guidelines, you can help Adobe protect the Photoshop brand name.

The Photoshop trademark must never be used as a common verb or as a noun. The Photoshop trademark should always be capitalized and should never be used in possessive form, or as a slang term. It should be used as an adjective to describe the product, and should never be used in abbreviated form. The following examples illustrate these rules:

Trademarks are not verbs.

CORRECT: The image was enhanced using Adobe® Photoshop® software.

INCORRECT: The image was photoshopped.



**** etoy.INVITATION ****

last chance to visit etoy.TANK-PLANT No3
-> plaza de colon / chris columbus monument
etoy.AGENTS offer free drinks /fizzles /data


etoy.ZAI / ceo: i hereby confirm various
mainstream media reports: hispanic test
market inseminated. after an intense 4
week art invasion including two etoy.TANKS
and a total of 12 etoy.AGENTS in the heart
of madrid (plaza de colon, surrounded by
the charming BARCLAYS BANK HQ, the columbus
statue, a giant spanish flag and millions
of cars, skateboarders and tourists),
etoy.CORPORATION currently prepares the
next freight forwarding operation of the
etoy.VIRUS (amsterdam / embedded
architecture / may & june 2004).

etoy.HAEFLIGER / chief analyst: while the
infection of the local cultural climate,
underground & party scene as well as the
educational landscape took place faster than
expected, traditional spanish art collectors
hesitate to invest in intangible art assets
such as etoy.SHARES. wealthy customers still
prefer old fashioned products such as unique
oil paintings, photographs and sculptures.
in reaction to the arco sales crisis and to
avoid future recession or bankruptcy the
etoy.MANAGEMENT decided to focus on the long
term development of the hispanic market and
therefore concentrate on children, teenage
skateboarders and a retired audience who has
time for complexity and not much to loose
(apart from financial resources time and
risk are fundamental for cultural growth).

facts and figures:

-attention: more than 6000 face to face
brand contacts counted.

-audience profile/plaza de colon: every day
around one hundred kids between 2 and 8 years
overwhelmed the etoy.INFRASTRUCTURE (especially
orange air pipes). skaters and sprayers had
positive and negative effects on etoy.TANKS
and the etoy.VIRUS (now stronger than ever).
confused adults and worried parents trying to
understand what etoy is all about (specifically
if it is dangerous to get infected with "so
called ART"). serious swiss diplomats including
swiss ambassador doswald and spanish politicians.
excited artists & students. curious policemen.
stunned art dealers. underground activists.
...and as usual: the story-chasing journalists.

-networking: countless tank tours and sales
pitches. estimated 600 etoy.BUSINESS-CARDS
distributed. 283 business cards cards collected
and analyzed. 17 high profile investors defined
as potential targets.

etoy.MONOROM/chief blogger and leader of the
communication software unit: etoy reached google
target no 1 ranking for keywords such as
"madrid abierto" and "arco art fair".

workshop at madrid art university: academic
contamination started / valuable relationship
with students and professors established.
blog technology introduced and installed.

etoy.SCREEN-SYSTEM introduced and update
process initiated with etoy.SILVAN.

etoy.MARCOS/cfo: 157 etoy.FIZZLE capsules
(etoy.ART for poor investors) sold at arco
fair (volume: 314 euro). 3 major etoy.SHARE
deals closed (total volume ca. 22.000 euro).
investors: luis adelantado / valencia (exchange
art work/etoy.SHARE-CERTIFICATE), art group fur/
cologne (transfer pain station for etoy.SHARE-

capital burned: ca. 54'000 euro (full amount
converted into cultural value). sponsors
include fundacion altadis, comunidad de madrid,
fundacion madrid nuevo siglo, fundacion canal,
lista corporation (making workspace work), ibm
schweiz, pro helvetia / arts council of
switzerland, apple computer and migros.

etoy.TG/cto: etoy.TECH-STABILITY increased.
all etoy.TANKS, etoy.SHOW-HOSTS and etoy.TERMS
now run under debian gnu/linux and boot from
compact flash (all boot hard drives eliminated
/life-span at least 10 times higher than last
generation). full ssh remote access for
maintenance and tank updates (system/content).
etoy.RELAY-SYSTEM started to systematically
store etoy.RAW-DATA such as pictures (current
amount: ca 15.000 axis pictures).

etoy.PRESS-SPEAKER: tv reports on etoy.ACTION:
RTVE2/metropolis, RTVE2/noticias, CNN +/news
today, Tele Madrid/siete dias, Tele 3 ...
news paper reports: EL PAIS, ABC de Arco (cover
photo), EL MUNDO etc.(complete list later).


kisses from spain / see you in amsterdam!

simplicity is our trade secret -
complexity our marketing strategy



corporate underware


ARCO Spain: etoy.ART-INVASION in Janus magazine

the etoy.CORPORATION has agreed to a deal with janus magazine to publish exclusive etoy.DOCUMENTATION from etoy.TANK-PLANT#3 (currently located in Madrid Spain for ARCO 2004). the etoy.CONTENT will infect newsstands with the etoy.VIRUS starting April 1st.

JANUS MAGAZIN, spring 2004

for more information please visit:


etoy.MOVIDA / Contemporary Art in Spain


go and see the pictures


first deal in madrid closed...

... the new etoy.SHAREHOLDER is:

Markus Bon.




etoy.ART-INVASION on TVE.metropolis 13.02.2004 02:30 am

download the movie


etoy.AGENTS ready to penetrate Hispanic culture.

On our base at Plaza Colon, ready to start the ART-INVASION.



NOT TO MISS etoy on RTVE 2, Friday, 01:30, metropolis.


Gallerist Luis Adelantado, Valencia

Six etoy.AGENTS arrived at ARCO today, penetrating Hispanic culture. After intense confrontations with security personnel, etoy.CORPORATION attained dealership status at the ARCO art fair, and thus access to one of Europe’s most important contemporary art markets. Accompanied by a crew of Spanish national TV (RTVE 2), and corporate as well as press photographers, etoy.SALES-AGENTS entered business contacts with dominant gallerists. etoy.CORPORATION offers certified art dealers a spezial, limited discount on etoy.SHARES in order to promote the private share placement. Only with significant benefits and high sales volumes, etoy.COPRORATION considers an alliance with intermediary services.

The official ARCO public newsletter ABC displays etoy.TANKS on its front page.

Additional coverage: CNN PLUS, Weekend News. Tele Madrid, Weekend, Siete Dias. EL PAIS, EL MUNDO.


etoy.AGENTS / Contemporary Art in Spain

Spanish etoy.MARCOS in front of one of the biggest flags in Europe.

Photographer agent.GALA in action.

etoy.CEO Zai

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