etoy dinner 002

Yesterday agent.MARCOS and agent.TG had a wonderful dinner in the etoy.TANK-PLANT2 with some good friends.

Claudia Bolte-Jucker | etoy.SHAREHOLDER | architect
Axel Bolte-Jucker | etoy.SHAREHOLDER | VC at HBM.
Oliver Kielmayer | curator

We had some delicious cheeses.

Stilton / britan's historic blue cheese
Cabrales / the spanish matodor
Appenzeller Rezent
Turgauer Spezial
Trunca from the Piemont
Stanser Chuaflad?
and more

And we drank best wines......

a 1995 MILZ LAURENTIUS Trittenheimer Felsenkopf Kabinett Riesling (Mosel, Germany)
a 2000 ACHAVAL-FERRER Malbec/Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot (Mendoza, Argentina)
a 1997 BRANCAIA IL BLU Sangiovese/Merlot/Cabernet Sauvignon (Chianti Classico, Italia)
a 1994 SEPPI LANDMANN Tokay Hors de la lois (Alcase, France)

from left to right: Axel, Claudia, agent.TG


Opening GameArt Exhibition, Germany

agent report opening voelklingen

Agents: ,
Date: Nov 21, 2003
Duty: Opening Exhibition GameArt, Voelklingen, Germany

19:30 'This Exhibition is a milestone in Art History'. With these words Dr. Meinrad Maria Grewenig (Art-Director of the Voelklinger Huette) opened the exhibition GameArt at the UNESCO World Heritage, Voelklingen, Germany. Later on in his opening speech, he mentioned that everyone is invited to go play at the game-house with the Playstation and with the new etoy (!!). *gasp*. As we found out later, he mispronounced the new Sony eye-toy as etoy, and this product therefore is not a direct threat to our trademark on etoy. As we got some good spotlight on etoy by this Freudian slip we do not plan any legal action on him.
Mr. Barbian, chief public relations of Sony Computer Entertainment Deutschland (initiators of the GameArt) exhibition mentioned in his speech, that Sony would like to offer every visitor of the opening a truly interactive gift (instead of the odd catalog) - a Sony Playstation, as a give-away. Unfortunately this was a joke - but we are still very interested in a partnership with Sony.

After the speeches, Dr. Gerwenig invited us for the opening-dinner at the old workshop downstairs. We checked the etoy installation at the exhibition, took a look at the rest of the exhibition as a whole and went downstatis for the dinner.
21:00 As we entered the workshop, 5 big tables were prepared for dinner and we were invited to sit at the 'kings table' in the center, together with Dr. Gerwenig (Director of the Voelklinger Huette), Jochen Dahm (Bürgermeister, e.g. Mayor of Voelklingen), Fabricio Plessi and the three guys of FUR. Agent.MARCOS was strategically placed by tg next to the Mayor, whilst he placed himself next to FUR.
21:30 With the dinner starting, agent.MARCOS was entering a conversation with Jochen Dahn about the economical history of Voelklingen, politics in Germany and started to explain the etoy.UNIVERSE to him. After agent.MARCOS finally found out that he has been placed next to the Mayor of the town, he intensivated his business focus and laid a good basis for a forthcoming cooperation.
In the mean time, agent.TG and the FUR guys (creators of the exciting PainStation) started to exchange knowledge about economical patterns in art industry and about technical requirements in the high-profile art market. After tg explained the etoy.SHARES concept to FUR, he began introducing them to the new etoy.ART-COLLECTION project and showed and deposed the interest of etoy to start an evaluation procedure to inculde the PainStation into the etoy.ART-COLLECTION.
22:30 Talking about tanks and container ships, Dr. Gerwenig started to get interested in the whole discussion and was the first to ask, when the first etoy.TANKS will arrive in Voelklingen. At this point agent.MARCOS was starting to draw the picture that the tanks can stop in Voelklingen on their way from Madrid to Amsterdam in Q3 04. Dr. Gerwenig then introduced etoy to a local tycoon and the managing director of the Voelklinger Huette, Dr. Haschke. Facing a big local player who understands how to build twisted and effective interrelationships between art, politics and business, etoy focussed its discussions to the point: Agent.MARCOS proposed a etoy.BIOTECH activity in Voelklingen for august 04 and present etoy.AGENTS found a professional and realistic parter in Dr. Haschke. The discussions were quickly moving towards concrete working drafts. A brief timeline and the outline of the financial costs were sketched.

24:00 With the first guests leaving the show, etoy started to talk to various people who contributed substantially to the GameArt-Exhibition, Tanja Warring and Ulrike Unger, a charming young lady of the Institut für Kulturaustausch (responsible for the exhibition concept at GameArt together with Frank Krämer, it's a pleasure do to business with you), Frank Krämer (the excellent project leader of the GameArt exhibition), Thomas (marketing expert and manager), Wolfang Klauke (Starphotographer and twisted story teller), Max Moswitzer (Creator of the DanceMachine) and many more.

Next Steps

1. Providing Mr. Haschke with a first draft for an etoy involvment next year in the Saarland area, Germany. (agent.MARCOS)
2. Evaluating the aquisition of the PainStation for the etoy.ART-COLLECTION (agent.TG)
3. Update the relationship-management database. (agent.MARCOS)
4. Maintenance and quality assurance of the GameArt exhibition. (agent.TG)

Further Topics

1. Enhance the business-process to incorporate new investors into the etoy.COPRPORATION.
2. Start conceptual work towards a distributed relationship-management database.

the etoy.UNIVERSE

More pictures can be found in our Gallery.


why going out for lunch is a bad idea

we're sure that our avid readers (specifically the ones in new york and large parts of the east coast and canada) vividly remember the big bad blackout.

the new scientist has an interesting read on the issue.

specifically the following choice quote must really impress every dedicated and responsible professional:

[...] To compound things, when the shut-down was finally entered into the software and a new estimate obtained, a MISO analyst forgot to switch on the RTCA and promptly "went out to lunch". [...]

assuming, that the gent went to a well known supplier of somewhat greasy "nutrition" this must have turned out to be the most expensive big mac(TM) in the history of mankind.


tank dinner




UNESCO & the business of culture

Good report on NPR about The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). NPR reports here that while UNESCO wants to see some much needed cultural diversity in the movie and television industry the United States worries (and you know what that means..) that the plan "will limit Hollywood access to global markets."


preparing the next show



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