news flash: first 5 etoy.DNA-PATTERNS
entered RFLP process. intellectual
property contracts with donators of
endogenous material signed.

etoy.SHARE-VALUE breaks through the
magical 10 USD mark.

sealand/zurich - etoy.BIOTECH-AGENTS
enter the market place - open lab for
the press & investors.



september 26th/27th (18.00 to 24.00)
"SWAMP interactive wellness park"
by co-lab & dachkantine. information:


etoy.BIOTECH offers 20 etoy.SHARES
(value: more than 200 USD) to each
donator who provides a sample of
endogenous material (organic body-
fluid: blood, sperm or saliva) for the
production of an absolutely unique
artwork: the etoy.DNA-PORTRAIT
- processed at etoy.TANK-PLANT2.

donators (and future shareholders)
transfer all intellectual property
rights of their dna fingerprint and
all its consequential products to the
etoy.ART-COLLECTION and consent to
registration and patenting processes
of any kind. for contracts & details
consult etoy.LEGAL-AFFAIRS:

CALL +41(0)848 0000 24 or 1800810ETOY

etoy provides "nurses for nerds" and
presents its first biotech laboratory-
tank to investors and the press today.

quote etoy.MARCOS / business strategy:
"in the past 4 years the etoy.PRESS-
SPEAKERS were asked why etoy did not
exploit the spectacular biotech play-
ground. our answer was simple: the
etoy.CORPORATION does not enter a value
system without carefully studying its
nature and preparing financing,
workforce and management for such a
move. our aim is long term impact,
non-fake effects and art historical
relevance. the digital hijack and
toywar are much more than a fancy idea
or a provocative thrill. to really
twist and shake the industry code you
need cash, time and people who believe
in results. etoy penetrates markets to
make an impact. manipulation is a very
serious game."

etoy.BEN, director of etoy.BIO-LABS:
"etoy.BIOTECH-AGENTS are producing
individual patterns depicting the DNA
of new etoy.SHAREHOLDERS as a
characteristic DNA-fingerprint.
etoy.DNA-PORTRAITS are produced in
the etoy.TANK-PLANT by etoy.AGENTS
using the restriction fragment length
polymorphism (RFLP) method, which
digests the genomic DNA into an array
of DNA-fragments with differing sizes.
these fragments will be depicted on
an agarose gel and registered as an
individual pattern. all resulting
intellectual property rights are
transferred by a contract between the
donator and etoy.CORPORATION"

pictures and information will be posted
on and

we look forward to do business with you

your etoy.MANAGEMENT





1. debian ttf agent: we have to
engineer etoy.FONT-PACKAGES to fully
the debian system.

2. professional female or male german
voice over for a large exhibition
project in germany and the etoy.FAQ
telephone system. required: experience
in sound studio work, serious and sexy
voice, sense for twisted content.

3. etoy.CRAFTSMAN (preferred is an
auto mechanic or a careful handyman
who will work in spain, switzerland and
/or on sealand. etoy needs a person who
is experienced to work /w plastics,
metal, paint and electricity (basic
know how in the field of electronics
is helpful).



Americans for War

Americans For War advises to you to Prepare rather than Protest! - as well as giving you the reasons behind America's belligerency and why more war is vital, as well as tips on how to be a exemplary patriot. Don't miss the links to protection devices advised by the Office of Homeland Security.


Keychain NUKAlert Radiation Detector - ($ 159.95)
Suvivair Quick 200 Escape Hood - ($ 174.95)
MSA3000 Advantage Gas Mask - ($ 225.95)
CPF3 High Performance Chem. Suit - ($ 199.95)
Irony - (free)


BIND strikes back

after the folks at verisign, feared for their "customer service" and never quite living up to their obligations after serious screwups decided to hijack the internet, BIND, which translates 80% of pesky ip-numbers into human readable URLs strikes back.

according to an article on wired news, isc is providing an emergency patch, which blocks verisigns site finder "service".

slashdot has additional coverage on the issue.


apple expo -- paris

visitors at the apple expo in paris were very interested in what apple had to say about the sudden integration of etoy. apple fans were very curious as apple representatives tried to explain the unexpected change in strategy.


meanwhile, etoy agents were able to secretly modify the new G5 prior to shipment.



against etoy.RULES



The Man in Black

the crew in orange wish that the twisted man in black, Johnny Cash, rests in peace after a long and productive career of creating some serious cultural value.


etoy switches to KAYWA

the etoy.CORPORATION welcomes KAYWA as the official sponsor of all etoy blogging systems.

as a distributed global network the etoy.CORPORATION has long faced the challenge of creating a liquid flow of assets (knowledge, info, power, expertise, and resources) between etoy.AGENTS, over the net, and from one etoy.TANK to another.

the KAYWA blog platform provides a perfect solutions to the problem of managing knowledge in this distributed context. As a collaborative tool blogs unlock, transfer, and mediate latent knowledge among the etoy.CREW and the general public.

given the current blogging culture, switching from Moveable Type to KAWYA may be seen as a political statement. Since 1994 etoy has developed software solutions, internal and external, to channel and sync communications with a global audience. experience has shown that the most effective systems are the ones which are most open - which have the ability to morph, grow, evolve, plug-in & plug-out.

the KAWYA architecture symbolizes this flexibility. with a background in science, technology and design KAYWAY is a natural partner for etoy.




1-10/10 twisting values since 1994