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Mary Carey for Govenor

One of the more pronounced figures in the California recall has just released her Gubernatorial Platform.

Number 2 on the agenda:

bq. Tax breast implants. From Beverly Hills alone, we should bring in millions in tax revenue. (Note: I am all-natural and I personally discourage the use of implants!)

fellow californians, time to make some tough decisions..


bbc archive to go online

the british broadcasting corporation announced their plans to provide their entire archives of tv- and radio programs online.

even though the article is short on details the etoy.CORPORATION applauds this move by one of the most respected - and (as opposed to some other news outlets) fiercly independent media corporations in the world.


debian party; an eyewitness report

Fellow Debian-Geeks,

I tore my ligaments this afternoon playing volleyball, but the doctor seemingly didn't understand when she called me crazy to go to a party. Well, I did -- on crutches -- and I am glad I did. In the hope that other sites will share a short report of their event, I am herewith reporting on what happened this very night in the wonderful city of Zurich (Switzerland). The party was a blast!
We were hosted by, who apparently has some experience with event management. It started at 19:30 on the roof of a building that's home to two clubs along with three rather big companies (suppliers of dairy food derivatives to Switzerland). Etoy, along with 10 other sponsors had reserved a space and put up inflatable seating tubes (which were, uh, not sooooo ergonomic). The mingling was eased by the free beer and free sausages they served, and everyone was having a good time -- everyone being about 180 registered and another 60 previously unregistered guests.

In addition to the free food and drinks, Etoy also provided two DJs that definitely caused the ocassional rockin' hip, but all in all did not hinder the social aspect of being together amongst interesting people. And it was interesting to see how diverse geekdom can get. We had WLAN access up there, but only a few had laptops, and the usual geeky behaviour seen at conferences did not surface. After all, we had nothing to prove to each other (isn't that what geeks are all about) and noone to convert. Instead, everyone was having a good time, and it was impossible to get bored.

Of course, the main topic was Debian in all its forms, and while, apart from some ideas that might be worth pursuing, we didn't get productive, it was a joy to see so many people brought together because of the belief in a project. As the evening progressed, of course the topics broadened, and by midnight, the space was still superfull with people chatting and enjoying their time... that's a pretty good indicator of success, no?

But wait, not so fast. There were also organised contents in the form of presentations. A short podium discussion was held on the question of how to make money with Open Source, and talks on other topics which evaded me because I had to leave for a while and rest my foot.

I was, of course, back in time for the obligatory "happy birthday" chorus... I am telling ya: world class... we could have recorded that song and shot straight into the top 10!

Thereafter, we held a keysigning party where 35 participants were joint by a couple of late comers, and the usual chaos emerged from people following a simple set of rules. Btw: even though keysigning is O(n2), the fact that you have n "processors" let's you approach O(log n), given that all do exactly as they are told. I think that's right, but then again I was surely drunk at that time.

A nice addition to the event was the presence of the government of the Transnational Republic (, which issued official passports to old and new citizens at the event. If you haven't heard of this before, check it out. It's a cool idea (which I find to be not at all incompatible with Debian).

Shortly after midnight, a sweet smell tingled our noses as the organisers revealed the culinary highlight of the day: Thai vegetable stirfry with the optional duck breast (which was really damn good).

I left the party at 01:00 mainly because my ankle was throbbing. Unfortunately, there was also a (thunder)storm building up, so at least the electronic infrastructure was moved inside. I doubt that a few drops of rain tore that party apart, and even if, the choice of venue results in about 10 Zurich clubs reachable within a 5 minute stroll. The show will go on.

All in all, a great party. I would herewith like to thank the Etoy crew for organising this splendid event (and hope that a future cooperation might evolve). I hope that in the other 26 locations, the fête was at least as cool.

And now, I am falling into bed. Screw that bloody ankle. A night out in Zurich, good music, cool people, food and drink, and all that for free. Hell yeah, now I know what this "Free Beer and Free Speech" thing is all about...

/me out

PS: I didn't take pictures, but a couple of Debian developers passed out our email addresses to folks pressing the shutter here and there. Hopefully we'll be able to assemble a gallery of shots from that night.


etoy.RECREATION/naherholung in zurich


instant recreation trip to etoy.TANK-PLANT2
(powered by etoy.CORPORATION & IBM schweiz)
protected by etoy.H-CARE/NURSES-FOR-NERDS
system by debian & transnational republic

another twisted party battery is about to
refresh the totally overheated crowd in zurich
-> this weekend on TONI PARKDECK / etoy.PLANT
foerrlibuckstrasse 109 (use the ramp or take
the elevator to enter the new dimension)
don't miss: wonderful FREE* etoy.CITY-SUNSET!

(defekt) aka etoy.DEXTER, SHE-J AST & MR.FIL,
etoy.NEWTRON (server farm vienna / atnet),


!!! LATEST NEWS saturday is sold out !!! we
can NOT host more nerds !! come on friday !

***FRIDAY 15.8.2003: transnational republic
immigration party. starting at 8PM. diplomats
from berlin, munich, torino and sidney install
a TR immigration office and establish their
own administration including TR-currency, cash
counting devices, bankers, food, cooks, sound,
passport office ...etc)

entry fee: you will be FORCED to change 5 SFR
or EURO to revolutionary transnational payola
currency (with which you can buy snacks, beer,
etoy.DRINKS or very useful international
identities). also available: crispy duck in
mango-mint-chili-basil and other TR highlights.

***SATURDAY 16.8.2003: 10 years debian gnu
linux anniversary - the official swiss
celebration party. starting around 7.30 PM.
DISCLAIMER: this is a real nerd show! DON'T
come near TONI AREAL if you don't like to
hear strange people talking about source
code romance and kernel dramas or if you
have microsoft products in your luggage.

for hardcore developers who did not leave
their house for many years etoy.CORPORATION
will provide NURSES FOR NERDS (male/female).

guests MUST REGISTER / strict door policy!
the program:

etoy.TANK opening hours: friday/saturday
until 1AM. saturday after-hour: turbinen
bräu hometrainer contest with party at
dachkantine (till late / entry fee!)

***SUNDAY: chill out with transnational
republic diplomats, exhausted etoy.AGENTS
& cooks. brunch starting at 11AM




transnational republic in zurich

the etoy.CORPORATION is proud and honored to welcome our friends from the transnational republic to zurichs highest hotspot INFO: citizens of the transnational republic are not defined through blood or birthplace but through a similarity in their minds. we therefore ask every person who has an affinity to this and the following principles to join our transnational republic as a free citizen.

this is the foundation for all sorts of smart people gathering together for widening their horizons, intellectual interchange and the most wicked and fun parties you can imagine. visitors of last years Biennale Internazionale Arte Giovane in torino have certainly not forgotten the transnationals parties and events there.

transnational republic will operate an immigration office in zurich, providing non-citizens with the chance to apply for citizenship.

tours with apero for etoy.AGENTS and close friends will take place this friday, august 15 atetoy.TANK-PLANT on the rooftop (7th floor) of foerrlibuckstrasse 109. immigration services will be available from 8pm.

NOTE: space in the tanks is strictly limited. register.


Making Connections on the Web

Xeni Jardin (from here and here) talks about and being propositioned by aliases like Scooby Doo and Saddam Hussein on NPR's new program Day 2 Day. Hope to hear more from Xeni on NPR!

NPR's Alex Chadwick speaks with technology journalist Xeni Jardin about networking Web sites like, meant to help people make connections on the Internet.

Real Audio Feed - and if your on friendster look out for the etoy.CREW


my title


webserver for you cell phone

VS HTTPD is a webserver for your mobile (symbian series 60) phone!

...The main purpose of the application is to provide web access to images stored on the phone. In this way you can allow friends and family browse the photos and select the ones they would like to get (pull), rather than sending (or pushing) them a photo. The application dynamically generates the photo page each time it is requested by a web browser...


Interesting (but more expensive??) alternative to the normal way of mobloging.. Now we can see what kind of photos you REALLY take..

what's mobloging?


10 years Debian: THANK YOU! party in zurich

Debian GNU/Linux is turning 10 on august 16, 2003! To say THANK YOU for a very long and stable relationship etoy.CORPORATION is inviting developers, system-administrators, users, geeks, nerds, DNS divas and interested people to party with their favorite OS at etoy.TANK-PLANT2, on the park-deck of toni-areal in zurich, switzerland.

we start around 19.30 on saturday, august 16, 2003... please register online.

this party will be one of many around the world. the etoy.CORPORATION
(market leader in experimental culture-code) is hosting the event. wlan, energy music, food and drinks are contributed by companies and people who feel committed to the idea of free software and open source and profit from the efforts of thousands of geeks around the globe.

we hope to see you on the most amazing rooftop of zuerich!

a big thank you goes to IBM switzerland who sponsors etoy.TANK-PLANT2

1-10/10 twisting values since 1994