court system? what court system?

the economist has an interesting essay identifying the faults - on various levels - regarding the us' concept of extrajudiciary trials and the status of 'enemy combatants'.

the fact that the economist can hardly be accused of being a pinko agitator news rag, makes this an even more frightening read.


protected by etoy



etoy.MANAGEMENT arrives



connecting etoy.TANK-SYSTEM



securing area for delivery



the tanks have landed

today, beginning at 1800 three massive trucks delivered and unloaded etoys temporary command center to the roof of the toni molherei
the toni molkerei is one of zurichs most vibrant clubs now, which inherited its name from the building it's residing in. it used to be a milk processing, - packaging and - distribution plant. it is a massive cube in the heart of zurichs lively and vibrant west end.

the etoy.TANKS are visible by tens of thousands train passengers daily, but also from 8000 party dwellers, which frequent the facility every weekend. at night time the tanks will reach maximum impact in terms of visibility and action.

in addition to etoys temporary command center the tanks will be accessible two days a week to the public, curious enough to search beyond the obvious. details and schedules will follow shortly.

in close collaboration with the eth, the artificial intelligence lab of zurich's university, the transnational republic basels hyperwerk and the university st.gallens research center for innovation, strategy and entrepreneurship four work shops will be conducted, which will explore networks and document interaction between a multitude of skills, directions and visions. in addition the "etoy.CORPORATION" plans to invite the bearers of tomorrows cultural burdens to its legendary "day care" operation.

stringent security measures, including supervision of the operation by helicopter was required to build the foundation of this urban lab experiment.

the project, which is conducted in collaboration with the dachkantine and supported by zurichs office of the mayor, will turn exchange between artists, architects, communication experts, nerds, kids, gamers, dj's, designers, chefs, marketing executives and the the interested public - curious enough to ask questions and explore paths deviating from the ordinary - into a new dimension.


etoy.TANK-PLANT (7.10.03 / ZURICH)


etoy infects zurich

tomorrow, july 10th, the etoy will place two etoy.TANKS prominently in the heart of zurich's most vibrant center.

agents from throughout the world tune in to supervise the performance and ensure security for the valuable cargo. in addition there will be airborne support to guarantee smooth execution of this logistically challenging and meticulously planned operation.

this will also be the location of the newest, etoys most daring film and photo-shoot. in order to maintain security and keep innocent bystanders out of harms way details and visuals will follow soon.

stay tuned


All dressed up and nowhere to go

Our friend, advisor, and World Economic Forum particpant Joi Ito, is all dressed up with nowhere to go -- having just blogged the masked anti-davos sweater that etoy.AGENT-ROCK (above) gave him at the etoy.CONSPIRACY-MEETING


etoy.JOBS: positions avaliable

etoy.JOBS, a newly created department of the etoy.CORPORATION, is now operational and in negotiations with its first applicants. etoy.JOBS is a workforce for cultural operations. to increase cultural value etoy relies not only on investments of capital, but also knowledge, expertise and labor.

etoy is looking for skilled individuals to fulfill the following positions: BROKERS / SALES & MARKETING, ACCOUNTANT, PRIVATE SECRETARY, CODERS, PILOTS, PSYCHOLOGIST / PSYCHIATRIST.

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