Bill Clinton on FCC media consolidation

Out of Controll, an article by Bill Clinton, opposes an FCC ruling which would feed merger mania among large media companies.

[...] For more than 60 years, the FCC allowed companies to own a number of local TV stations, provided that no single company owned enough to reach more than 35% of the population of the United States. [...] But on June 2, by a 3-to-2 vote, the FCC raised the limit to 45%, giving big media firms the chance to gobble up many more local TV stations. In fact, a single giant corporation will be able to control up to three of the television stations in America's nine largest cities. [...]

Mr Clinton quite smartly points out:

[...] The lack of diversity and independence in the broadcast media may be why you didn't hear much about this big issue on TV or radio in recent months [...]

The etoy.CORPORATION has long emphasized that intelligent use, manipulation, counter-manipulation and participation in media is a crucial step towards generating cultural value and an intelligent culture.

etoy.DAY-CARE, along with 1,000 etoy.JUNIOR-AGENTS made this point in torino italy, a country which dines from an even more limited media diet.



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