business as usual

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monday night the etoy.USA-BRANCH inaugurated the new location of the etoy.TANKS, hosted by etoy.ZAK, on the park-deck of the TONI areal. etoy.USA supporters, bloggers, and nerds, were served up authentic american cuisine by fire-proof clad etoy.GRILL-MASTERS and got a sneak preview of the film footage from the etoy.TONI-SHOOT. soundtrack provided by DJ etoy.ROCK.

the event was blogged by bitflux, red-rocket, monorom.

special thanks to: etoy.MARCO, etoy.ZAI, etoy.ROCK, beda / dachkantine, monorom & everybody else who helped out. if you experienced service related problems (culture shock, inattentive etoy.STAFF, etc..) please contact the legal-affairs department by dialing the etoy.USA-BRANCH, toll free: 1.800.810.ETOY



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