/html/img/usa_branch_invite-tm.jpgfriends of etoy.USA,

etoy.AGENT-ZAK, usa branch manager, cordially invites you to join the etoy.USA-BRANCH for burgers, BBQ, beer and freedom fries at the etoy.TANK-PLANT (ZURICH) on July 21st 2003.

under tight security last week, the mobile etoy.TANK-SYSTEM arrived in zurich. 14 etoy.AGENTS from around the world arrived in the city to supervise the event and attend the annual etoy.GENERAL-MEETING.

before returning stateside, etoy.ZAK will be on hand to ensure maximum cultural authenticity of the USA-BRANCH-BBQ and to discuss plans for further infiltration of american culture.

you are invited to help inaugurate the new location of the etoy.TANKS: the 7th floor park-deck of TONI areal, the former HQ of switzerland's now bankrupt milk empire

Location: 7th floor / park-deck / TONI areal, zurich.
Time: 6PM to 9PM
DJ: etoy.ROCK

PS: for our friends who can't make it, check out red-rocket monorom for live moblogging on monday night.



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