IBM and etoy sign sponsoring contract

IBM switzerland enters etoy.SPONSORING and supports the etoy.TANK-PLANT research lab in zurich.


IBM NEWS: Board Approves Regular Quarterly Cash Dividend. The IBM Board of Directors today declared a regular quarterly cash dividend of $.16 per common share, payable September 10, 2003 to stockholders of record August 8, 2003.


Defense Department plans for terrorist futures market iced

Even though the etoy.CORPORATION is a firm advocate of experimental investments and twisted capitalism we must question the US Defense Department's unbelievable plan to create a Terrorists Futures Market. The program's goal was to use market instincts to predict and somehow prevent terrorist attacks.

...[the program] would have encouraged investors to forecast terrorist attacks, coups, and assassinations - apparently in the belief that market instincts could predict such events - was abruptly canceled yesterday after it came under withering criticism from lawmakers. boston globe

This fantasy investment game was the brain child of the Information Awareness Office of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.

The office's latest plan would have created an Internet site that functioned as a futures market for predicting terrorist attacks, allowing anonymous individuals to, in effect, place bets on calamitous events....Those who predicted correctly would profit over those who guessed wrong. [boston globe]

It certainly would have been... interesting. The logical implications of such a market: terrorists could fund themselves by buying futures in the market and then carrying out an attack, similarly investors could commission attacks in order to capitalize on investments and of course rewarding people for predicting human atrocities is generally not a smart move.

more articles: LA Times (registration), NY Times (registration), Telegraph


etoy.JOBS on rhizome

Thanks to Rachel Greene from for her news item on etoy.JOBS

And and big thanks to all the people we heard from in the past days! We will get back to everyone asap. etoy Wants and Needs You

Swiss-German net art outfit with brand ambition seeks to hire a translator to turn three pages of German copy into English. Beyond linguistic skills, applicants must be able to cope with the 'etoy.LIFESTYLE,' which means tolerating the crew's strict observance of corporate parody and highly regimented behavior. Payment will be issued in the form of $400 of registered etoy.SHARES. If your German is rusty, there are other jobs open with etoy -- Psychiatrist and Pilot have recently been filled, but Private Secretary and Accountant positions are still up for grabs. Not sure if these job announcements reflect an expanding collaborative practice or if they're intended to set the stage for an upcoming mission. Perhaps both?

-- Rachel Greene /


Bill Clinton on FCC media consolidation

Out of Controll, an article by Bill Clinton, opposes an FCC ruling which would feed merger mania among large media companies.

[...] For more than 60 years, the FCC allowed companies to own a number of local TV stations, provided that no single company owned enough to reach more than 35% of the population of the United States. [...] But on June 2, by a 3-to-2 vote, the FCC raised the limit to 45%, giving big media firms the chance to gobble up many more local TV stations. In fact, a single giant corporation will be able to control up to three of the television stations in America's nine largest cities. [...]

Mr Clinton quite smartly points out:

[...] The lack of diversity and independence in the broadcast media may be why you didn't hear much about this big issue on TV or radio in recent months [...]

The etoy.CORPORATION has long emphasized that intelligent use, manipulation, counter-manipulation and participation in media is a crucial step towards generating cultural value and an intelligent culture.

etoy.DAY-CARE, along with 1,000 etoy.JUNIOR-AGENTS made this point in torino italy, a country which dines from an even more limited media diet.



etoy.USA experienced some power outages on sunday night carrying through to monday morning. As a result the etoy.CUSTOMER-CARE service (1.800.810.ETOY) was temporarily down. The outage has now been resolved.

If you called during these times, please call back, automated customer-care agents are ready to take your call.


divorce by sms

the inquirer reports that a court in malaysia decided that under islamic law it's legal for a husband to divorce his wife via sms
even though etoy fully supports innovative uses of modern technology we feel that this is a little bit rich.


etoy.JOBS: german to english translator needed


etoy.JOBS a workforce for cultural operations,
is urgently looking for an experienced german
to english translator capable of translating 3
A4 pages of text in close contact with etoy.CREW.

responsibilities: accurate translation of german
etoy.TEXT into english. deadline compatible.
ability to cope with etoy.LIFESTYLE.

time commitment: project based.

payment: $400 in registered etoy.SHARES (SYMBOL: EYA).
etoy.SHARES can be transfered into existing portfolio
or an etoy.BANKER will set up a new etoy.SHAREHOLDER.

contact etoy.JOBS: / subj: TRANSLATION


etoy.POSITIONS still open in the following areas:
sales & marketing, secretarial, accounting & coders.

for more detailed job descriptions please visit:


etoy.ZAK on behalf of etoy.JOBS

USA: 1.800.810.ETOY x 7 (TOLL FREE)
SWITZERLAND: +41 (0) 848 0000 24


how to fuck voters (and make a bundle)

the new york times has an interesting article (free registration required) about diebolds voting machines (33000 installed throughout the us to date), which are riddled with security flaws. in essence every pimply faced teenager with 100$ worth of computer equipment is capable in stuffing the ballot at his discretion.

our friends at /. have a heated discussion about the incident and the researchers, it security scientists of john hopkins and rice universities, have the actual research paper (pdf) at your disposal.

cool as it seams, e-voting is riddled with challenges. for example: how do you guarantee anonymity while providing full audit capabilities at the same time?

the somewhat laissez faire approach signified by a diebold spokesperson ("if there were problems with it, the code could have been rectified or changed") should make you wonder if such systems can ever be trusted. specifically since the code is not open to scrutinity by crypto researchers. (Mr. Richardson of Diebold said the company's voting-machine source code, the basis of its computer program, had been certified by an independent testing group. Outsiders might want more access, he said, but "we don't feel it's necessary to turn it over to everyone who asks to see it, because it is proprietary.")


business as usual

/html/img/etoy_usa_bbq-tm.jpg /html/img/
monday night the etoy.USA-BRANCH inaugurated the new location of the etoy.TANKS, hosted by etoy.ZAK, on the park-deck of the TONI areal. etoy.USA supporters, bloggers, and nerds, were served up authentic american cuisine by fire-proof clad etoy.GRILL-MASTERS and got a sneak preview of the film footage from the etoy.TONI-SHOOT. soundtrack provided by DJ etoy.ROCK.

the event was blogged by bitflux, red-rocket, monorom.

special thanks to: etoy.MARCO, etoy.ZAI, etoy.ROCK, beda / dachkantine, monorom & everybody else who helped out. if you experienced service related problems (culture shock, inattentive etoy.STAFF, etc..) please contact the legal-affairs department by dialing the etoy.USA-BRANCH, toll free: 1.800.810.ETOY


etoy tank vandalizm

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