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Lynchmobs & Copyrights

US Senator Orrin Hatch is in favor of destroying the computers of alleged copyright violators.

Lawrence Lessig provides his take on his blog Some choice quotes from the article and the esteemed chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee

The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee said Tuesday he favors developing new technology to remotely destroy the computers of people who illegally download music from the Internet.

Here's another gem:

"I'm interested," Hatch interrupted. He said damaging someone's computer "may be the only way you can teach somebody about copyrights."

Given, that the thugs of the bsa accused sites which mirrored the popular office suite because the file on the ftp server contained the term "office" and their spider was too fucking dumb to determine a difference to another popular (but pricy) office software, it is not hard to envision the damage that this will do to innocent bystanders, due to totally inadequate search software employed by the copyright holders.

Is this turns into law does the common man get the right to tar and feather greedy, lying thieving CEOs?


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monorom and zai @ terror room


Hans Reiser Interview

Our friends at /. have an interesting interview with Hans Reiser of ReiserFS fame. ReiserFS was the first journaling filesystem incorporated into the Linux kernel. There's a variety now, but his vision by far exceeds whatever we think of a filesystem.

Hans Reiser is probably one of the smartest people in open source software development; a visionary. On his site you find a wealth of interesting info and some rather insightful whitepapers


#etoy channel on IRC

The etoy.VC-GROUP now has an IRC channel. This will exist in parallel to the etoy blog and provide a different atomosphere to dicuss ideas and hang out. Its the first step. Bring your bot.

To join the etoy IRC channel use any of the following clients (listed below) to connect to the freenode server and then join the channel #etoy IRC Chat Clients


Mac OS X Clients
X-Chat Aqua *what i use


LINUX Clients


NEW LOGO (cont.)

/images/comb16bsmall-tm.jpgI just uploaded the first draft of the comb concept logo that we discussed first here.

The etoy.BLOG is a space to bring ideas, communicate ourselves and interact with the public. bees bringing food/energy/ideas back to the hive and placing it within a vast network of combs is a good metaphor. Thats why we chose to use the visuals of hives - also the name to reflects this concept.

So now, in the spirit of things, do you have some feedback to deliver?


whats it like being xeni jardin?

this might give you a clue. or keep you guessing.

xeni jardin: information power broker, technologist, friend of etoy.USA, and a generally hip LA-centric chick now has a moblog.

xeni writes here and blogs here.


Software patents are bad

The Guardian has an interesting, if nerve racking rebuttal on an essay by Richard Stallman and Nick Hill.

Statements like
This directive will provide legal certainty for European software inventors. We have an obligation to legislate not just for one section of the software industry who seeks to impose its business model on the rest of industry, which moreover is not "free", but is actually a different form of monopoly by imposing a copyright licence system on users.

by Arlene McCarthy (is this a coincidence, or what?), a UK politician and proponent of software patents scream of either sheer naivité or of a politician who is outright for sale to industry interests.
Miss McCarthy seems to kindly ignore the fact that convicted monopolists in the software industry imposes far more restrictive, if not outright immoral copyright licenses on their users.
The etoy.CORPORATION never opposed the right to make a profit, we do however apply a different standard on the freedom of choice and the right to apply a certain businessmodel at ones discretion without being threatened by corporate thugs.
This site has a lot of information why software patents are a reallly rotten idea, which will hurt all of us.


The joys of flying

The New Scientist has an interesting article about an invention, which will soon increase the quality of life of the average airline passenger.
Intelligent airline seats could automatically alert busy cabin crew to nervous, shifty passengers, who might be terrorists or air-ragers. People with long legs (specifically in cattle class) tend to squirm a lot. Does this mean that long leged folks will meet a lot of interesting people? Like FBI agents and airline security officers...

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