bg must become THE PIPE & BRAIN.

after organizing, following or/and leading discussions in connection with etoy and related projects for a while i'm convinced that our communication platform must be based on a high level of organizational intelligence as it is our interface to a growing but somehow very loose community (which is cool, interesting, dangerous and powerful). i dont have plans to strictly organize the group of interesting and valuable people that surrounds the etoy.BRAND today. i like and belive in the loose and fast network built around a very stable cultural brand.

i do not want to be and can not be the center of all etoy discussions. especially email -in my eyes- is not the way to go. it simply kills us. - currently based on movable type - seams much more effective. for example: people like stefan can tune in and out... marcos can get a fast overview of what's going on to be able to help me to work on the etoy.ORGANIZATION...etc

in general: agents can jump into the structure and work their way into the core of a topic or project as much as they want or need to.

the glue between all of us must be a smart, effective AND entertaining system.

such a system - if people really use it - could become a radical and revolutionary "machine" to generate cultural value and very intense art (or a new breed!)

more concrete ideas later today. i have to get the tanks on the roof ;-)



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