Bloggers Gain Libel Protection

Interesting articled in wired about bloggers gaining libel protection and the difference between "selling reliability" what newspapers do, etc, and blogs etc.. which, as the EFF puts it, are just engaging in speech. This is good news for online free-speech, and foreshadows some exciting action.

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last Tuesday that Web loggers, website operators and e-mail list editors can't be held responsible for libel for information they republish, extending crucial First Amendment protections to do-it-yourself online publishers.

"One-way news publications have editors and fact-checkers, and they're not just selling information -- they're selling reliability," said Cindy Cohn, legal director of the Electronic Frontier Foundation. "But on blogs or e-mail lists, people aren't necessarily selling anything, they're just engaging in speech. That freedom of speech wouldn't exist if you were held liable for every piece of information you cut, paste and forward."

article by xeni in wired


Apple news & iSight

as one of the two resident mac users at etoy, im excited to hear about the new iChat / iSight software which looks like a very simple and easy to use video conferencing system, finally! but i have yet to test the video (im running the new software but with no camera attached).

apple is also producing a sexy new camera (auto-focusing / auto-exposure F/2.8 lens) to match the style of the new G5 which was recently announced.

its too bad that it only works on the mac os. i have been looking for a good cross platform video-conferencing system but so far i am empty-handed. does anybody know of a reliable solution? links would be much appreciated.


agent tv-screen@park inn,berlin

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agent rock meet plattoon in Berlin


etoy.WARDROBE cont..

I blogged about the etoy.WARDROBE for the film-shoot, in early july, here.

The deadline to get your sizes in will be +this thursday+. If you still want to submitt your size do it here. ASAP.

Thanks to everybody who commented.


agent overal


at ArtBasel and shopping for the virtual at []

Today agent.ZAI and myself were guests at [] where there was an interesting panel called SHOPPING FOR THE VIRTUAL. The panel included Dr. Claudia Steinfels (Director of Sotheby’s Switzerland), Barbara London (Associate Curator Department of Film and Media, MoMA NY), Knowbotic Research (artists, Zürich), Barbara Hoffmann (art and intellectual property lawyer / Chair of the IBA Committee on Art Law), and an input text by Miltos Manetas.

SHOPPING FOR THE VIRTUAL brings together collectors, artists and specialists to discuss models of an economy for the digital arts considering the specific qualities of this new art form as well as the dynamics of the art market.

text from []

It was a pretty interesting discussion and brought together people with varying degrees and angles of involvement with new media. The conference was partially aimed at discussing new models for the future exhibition, creation, and participation of media art. At the same time people framed media art in old classic contexts (collecting, etc..). A lot of the discussion was triggered by Miltos Manetas who sells his web-pages. For example; this one or this one.


wardrobe for etoy.FILM-SHOOT

/images/mob3ef41788ec296_Foto(08)-tm.jpgThe etoy.CORPORATION will be conducting a film & photo shoot at a spectacular undisclosed location in zurich around the first of july. etoy.AGENTS from around the world will be present for the occasion. Investors and special-agents are invited to take part in the shoot if in the area. To attend please comment on this entry and details will be sent.

For this occasion the etoy.WARDROBE-DEPT is producing special etoy.FLIGHT-SUITS. All suits are made to order. Because this is a time sensitive offer you must comment on this blog entry ASAP (i.e. NOW) indicating your: QUANITITY and SIZE +(46, post_author=48, 50, 52, 54, 58, 60)+. Price is currently being negotiated. Suits will cost max 140 CHF / 105 USD.

This offer is open to the general public, however etoy.INVESTORS and etoy.SPECIAL-AGENTS will be given priority.

Reservations will only be made for comments with a VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS & NAME.

Hope to see you soon!

+LATER:+ rock moblogged a preview of the uniform. uniforms will cost 126 CHF


Biometric Systems

Wendy Grossman interviews James L Wayman. A leading capacity in biometric systems.

Interesting read, especially some of his reservations: Some people say it's like barcodes, which didn't work in the early days. Biometrics will get better, it's true. But it's a bad analogy because barcodes can be controlled in manufacturing. If a checker has to type in the code too many times they make the manufacturer redesign the can. Human beings can't go to God. No one technology is going to provide the magic bullet. People are different in ways that you could never imagine. They never have what you think they are going to have where you think they are going to have it.


(e) toy (c)war fan?

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