This weekend etoy.CEO, etoy.ZAI hosted a secret retreat and conference in the swiss mountains where we discussed the future with our top advisors. We talked about etoy, art, open source software, architecture and blogging.

The small inn we stayed at was guarded by cows and surrounded by the alps. The meeting was attended by the bitflux crew, etoy.AGENTS, Joi Ito, Marcos, Michael Gramazio & Kohler, Markus Boeniger, Stefan, geeks, bloggers and more. The mountain meeting was a great chance to get valuable feedback and exchange ideas with impressive brains.

the etoy.CONSPIRACY-MEETING was also blogged by attendees:

Joi Ito blogged it here + photos here
Stefan blogged it here
Michael blogged it here
Bitflux blogged it here and moblogged it here
monorom moblogged it here
zak blogged it here



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