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agent.MARCO wins award

we are very proud to anounce that etoy.AGENT marco and his company wins mobile application award! they are the best. strong buy!



This weekend etoy.CEO, etoy.ZAI hosted a secret retreat and conference in the swiss mountains where we discussed the future with our top advisors. We talked about etoy, art, open source software, architecture and blogging.

The small inn we stayed at was guarded by cows and surrounded by the alps. The meeting was attended by the bitflux crew, etoy.AGENTS, Joi Ito, Marcos, Michael Gramazio & Kohler, Markus Boeniger, Stefan, geeks, bloggers and more. The mountain meeting was a great chance to get valuable feedback and exchange ideas with impressive brains.

the etoy.CONSPIRACY-MEETING was also blogged by attendees:

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Bitflux blogged it here and moblogged it here
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The Vatican to Vegas

Norman Klein just sent me the introduction from his soon-to-be-published book: The Vatican to Vegas: The History of Special Effects. Norman is a professor of cultural studies at CalArts and the author of several well known books.

It sounds like a good read:

One can see what special effects are doing today to democracy. Or should I say when democracy operates like a game? Inside this game, the audience pretends to share authority with those in charge. But by the end-- like sex in the parlour while your parents are asleep, or like masturbation or solitaire-- no power really changes hands.


from the sealand founders: seastead was recently chatting with jo on friendster. jo is one of the founders of havenco which offers the world's most secure managed servers in the world's only true free market environment" the Principality of Sealand. jo left sealand, and tries to keep a low profile, but the sea seems reluctant to give her up. The future may hold another sea-structure, but this time in the Mediterranean.

jo writes:

bq. the project we're working on now can be found at Basically, they're building buoy houses and a large floating hotel/condo building. They're small, but cheap. But it's still a year or two down the road at this point.

these people are maniacs! ;-) but im ready to rough the high seas in pursuit of cultural value. jo also has a fotolog here


Palais de Tokyo / Paris May 2003



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