hi special agents!

the TOYWAR.crisis_control_board is proud to announce:
THE GAME IS READY! all beta-test-pilots left the battle
fields. 550 elite toy soldiers completed training camps.
the pioneer troops are in position for brand protection.

we hold back 150 special elite positions for your closest
friends. HURRY ! if you email them right now you can
invite them to get on board before the "friends and family
program" ends (in aprox. 5-8 hours). every recruited agent
gets 10 etoy.POINTS (price for 10 etoy.POINTS today:
47.10 $ at blasthaus gallery san francisco) as start
capital. and you get 10 etoy.POINTS as well for every new
agent recruited by you! this is the best moment for you
to build a huge TOYWAR.empire.

BY THE WAY: as soon as the real game starts new agents get only 4
etoy.POINTS and recruiters 4 for every new agent who enters.

you send an email to your best friends and let them know about
this oportunity (just let cool people enter!) :

if they want to become agents they have to go to and look for your character: tell them
your combat name (they can use the "find" function of netscape
to locate you!). they click on your little toy character and
officially ask you to be their recruiter...
right away you will receive an email informing you about the
request of your friend... you go back to, click on
your own toy and go to the recruiting desk (RECR.DESK). there you
can allow your friend to enter the game!

get richer than the richest and build a troop!
every agent recruited by you is part of your own toy-troop.

thank you for helping us grow!
your TOYWAR_resistance_board

ps: is netscape based! layal agents dont use microsoft
products to play this game (maximum weapon perfformance ns 4.6! ).



dear toywar.AGENTS

due to technical problems we had to modify your passwords and
combat names as follows:

- spaces have been replaced by _ ex: rtz xu -> rtz_xu
- slashes have been replaced by _ ex: rtz/xu -> rtz_xu

we apologize for the inconvenience


1-2/2 twisting values since 1994