you were the first soldiers entering the fight:
the pioneers! thank you for your courage!

INSIDER INFORMATION: the troop is getting bigger
and bigger. many high qualified agents arrived today.
we are happy to announce that the start of the game
is very close! our scientists expect that enough
toy-soldiers are on the battle field till friday!

the etoy.CODER-TOYS (the ones with the laptops)
added some tools now:

users and net tourists without invitation can now
apply for access on they
can use the TOYWAR.telecommunication system to
contact advanced AGENTS like you.

...and you can invite friends and let them use you
as their recruiter. this gives you the chance to get
some additional etoy.POINTS (the well known etoy.ART
PRODUCTS which were developed after a judge in california
declared etoy.SHARES for illegal.... our attorneys are
fighting and we hope the shares are back soon!)

thank your for flying etoy...

ps: visit the TOYWAR.SHOP:

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